Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Elizabeth Arden: Green Tea

When Green Tea first came out, it was quite a hit in the region where I lived. I had a bottle back then and I liked wearing it. Even then, I did not think it was a great perfume. But there was a freshness about it that was soothing in the heat.

I rediscovered Green Tea a few weeks back. I grabbed a 100 ml bottle for $15 at Priceline's Christmas sale. No doubt it is perfect for summer. I rarely find citrus based scents which are both refreshing and soothing. I'm generally not a lover of citrus. That is the reason why I have not explored citrus enough. Spreading my wings with this cheapie! Green Tea is like able even for me.
  •  Top: Caraway, Fruity Rhubarb, Lemon, Orange Zest and Bergamot
  • Middle: Cool Minty Peppermint, Green Tea, Sweet Jasmine, Spicy Carnation, Fresh Fennel, Crisp Celery Spice
  • Base: Oakmoss, Musk and Amber
Green Tea is not a genius. It is an average perfume that somehow works, especially for hot weather. It begins with a revitalising tea note which soon turns into citrus. It is more citrus than green. I think it should have been called lemon tea. The tea note dissipates somewhere around the 5 minute mark. It pretty much stays in the citrus territory. The dry down is something vaguely perfume-y, which reminds me that I'm wearing a perfume, not a deodorant.

Green Tea is very light, almost 'invisible' but evidently fresh. It so light that it is impossible to over apply it even if you bathed in this stuff. Actually it is something you have to apply heavy handedly. The concentration it comes in is a 'vapouriser spray', which means it is the strength of an EDT or less. I think it is a good concentration for a fresh scent. The lasting power is alright, generously applied it doesn't give you body odour at least! I have 100 mls to work with. It goes to my "Finish The Bottle" list. I'm thinking sterilising tweezers, getting rid of shoe smell, etc.

In a nutshell, it smells like this.... "Laaaa lalalalalaaaa la la la......" This song plays in my mind every time I wear Green Tea!


  1. This probably would be something I would like, haha, but I haven't tried it. It's sad to hear that it's not very noteworthy!

  2. Larie, sometimes good things are aren't grand and Green Tea is good :) Try it, I think it is easily available everywhere :)

  3. I prefer Green Tea Exotic I received it as a gift the other year but never got around to repurchasing it

  4. Oh Elizabeth Arden fragrances make me feel nostalgic especially Red Door, True Love and this one. I love your reviews Su as I always feel like I know what I'm going to get if I do try a perfume I've read about here. I also appreciate that you feature some mainstream perfumes as well as the fancy pants ones too x

  5. Flourish has a nice green tea I like. It's gunpowdery. I don't like it when they drown green tea in citrus, otherwise it's not green tea to me.

  6. Somehow this smelled rancid on my skin. I think the tester I used was off. Must test it again as I love the scent of brewing green tea.
    OFF Topic:Hey Su are you a member of fragrantica.com club? Are you by any chance gypsyperfumista? My ID is Fragaholic79.

  7. Sugarpuffish, there were some versions at the pharmacy, Exotic was one of them. I couldn't decide which to go for, so went for the original. I'll sniff next time for sure :)

    Jac, thank you :) I quite like some EA fragrances. To be honest, I don't own a lot of fancy stuff!

    Olfactoryobsessed, I think citrus kills the green tea in this. It is all about Liril soap, aka lime/lemon/citrus :) I'll look out for the Flourish one. Speaking of which they have changed their store name to Firebird Bath and Body :)

    Pandora, I like tea too! This one is less of tea and more of lemon. Probably that's why it smelt off. Yes, I am on Fragrantica but rarely on the forums though I browse. I'm Delicious Girl there (almost everywhere that is my nickname) I'll look out for you there!! Also been a while since I visited your blog. Will do some reading tonight :))

  8. I remember kind of liking this when it first came out, your review makes me want to pick up a bottle or maybe I'll try the flourish version :)

  9. I have this too. I never wear it because it's so... nothing. It's nice but not exciting!

  10. Jade, it is likeable and cheap!

    Michelle, I agree, it is not exciting. You can finish the bottle by using it in various different ways :D

  11. hmm why did I always, always skip this (even picked up Britney Spears instead?!); somehow when compared to EA's Red Door (which was my first perfume i think!) this one failed a bit I thought... somehow!

    I mean your desire to use it for sterilising makes me wonder, but then Liril-like sounds quite interesting too :D :p