Monday, December 19, 2011

Villainess: Smooch! Review

Before I review Smooch! by Villainess soaps, which I am so excited about, let me sum up my shopping experience with

I came across Villianess soaps through Black Phoenix Trading Post. Villainess soaps is the company that makes soaps for the Trading Post using the BPTP/BPAL scents. I loved the BPTP soaps I used, so I checked out the website and everything was very tempting to me, including the theme, the packaging and the scents. Naturally I got carried away and added things to the cart like a crazy girl. I also registered with the loyalty points program and was just about to check out. I had a shock when I saw that the shipping to Australia was more than the cost of things I bought! I mean $40 odd (the cheapest rate offered) for shipping from US to Australia, who in their sane mind would pay that much?!

Larie to the rescue, thanks to my American blogger friend! I got the things shipped to Larie for $7.95. Larie had to send me a swap and she was kind enough to include my order with it. How sweet!

Apart from unjustifiable shipping charge, which I successfully dodged, everything was smooth. The communication was good. The shipping within US took about a week. The company is generous with freebies. You can choose 2 soaps as freebies with any order and I got 1 extra on top of that. The packaging is perfect and so beautiful. I'd order again just for how nice everything looks!

Now for the exciting part, review of Smooch! 
Smooch! is the name for the body products by Villainess. Aptly named so because, it gives smooch-worthy skin! The products range from sugar scrubs to salt scrubs to warming scrubs to body conditioners. The scrubs have an Abrasion Scale based on the exfoliating particles, ranging from salt foot scrub which is highly abrasive to the smooth concoctions which just give a ticklish feel. They come in gorgeous, mouth watering scents, cost $10.50 USD.

The Smooch! I got is in Bourbon Vanilla scent (in collaboration with Ivy Keep teas) It is described as "Sharp shreds of black tea in a delicate interaction with creamed vanilla bean"
It smells OMG delicious! Boozy vanilla with just the right amount of sweetness to it. Just yummy!

Like most sugar scrubs, this one is suspension of sugar crystals in skin nourishing oils. It is free from water which prevents the sugar from being melted into it. The sugar is in a mixture of skin nourishing oils (like grape seed oil, coconut oil, mango butter) Sugar and oils are in the proportion of 65% and 35%.
It is sealed to prevent leakage and spills in transit
Sugar crystals in nourishing oils
with shreds of vanilla bean and black tea
The consistency is thick, which means you only need little to get it working. Once it goes on the wet skin, it emulsifies beautifully. The sugar crystals dissolve when gently massaged onto the skin and oils mix with water to nourish the skin. By the time the sugar completely dissolves, my skin is left exfoliated and nourished at the same time. The gorgeous boozy vanilla makes my skin smell so good, though the scent is not very long lasting.

I have dry skin and stay away from exfoliating things because they can rip my skin right off the moisture but this Smooch! is non drying and actually quite nourishing for the skin. Very pleased with the experience!

Villainess website also has some more curious things with naughty names like Smack! Whipped! mud masks, skin cleansing oils and of course soaps and perfume oils. I have a lot of soaps samples that I'm using up and enjoying. The perfume oil is not very satisfying for me right now. Everything will be reviewed soon.


  1. I love sugar scrubs that emulsify generously. It feels easier to use :) Smooch sounds so good!

  2. I know what you mean! Some sugar scrubs just don't work on the skin. This does :)

  3. Sounds gorgeous. Vanilla and bourbon must smell like some kind of sinful dessert. I have never heard of the concept of using tea leaves in a scrub.Interesting.

  4. It smells yummy :) Yeah, they add tea leaves to invigorate or something? Villainess people add so many things like leaves, petals and spices to the scrubs!

  5. I am the same as you my overly dry sensitive skin can't take harsh exfoliation but the ones with a high quantity of oil definitely help as they moisturise at the same time. This sounds delicious & very unique with the added tea

  6. Shipping is pretty was $44 for a flat rate box, but since it was small and relatively light, I was able to send it for $18. Phew! :D Glad you are enjoying them! I did check out their site, but everything was in very tiny font. I will have to look at it again when I am prepared to squint, hahaha.

  7. I have dry skin too, and most scrubs don't work for me, but it sounds great!

  8. Boo to the pricey shipping! But all of their products do look amazing :) great review Su :)

  9. Yum! These look so yummy! Oooooohhhhh, wanting, wanting!

  10. Sugarpuffish, this has a so much nourishing oil in it. Helps the skin to overcome the dryness :)

    Larie, shipping is unbelievable! I'm glad you didn't have to pay that much :)
    The Villainess website is in tiny font (on a dark background!) I did squint too :D

    Vintage, yes, the scrub is good for dry skin :)

    Jade, Big boo at the shipping. The soaps are so good too!

    Steph, nice to see you here! It is yummmy, you should try :)

  11. Good god I would have fainted at that shipping charge. Here's hoping they review that at some point so that we can easily access their products too.

    Love the packaging - just sayin. :D

  12. Jac, I think we should just make more American friends :D