Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Perfume Synopsis

The year 2011, loved it! Life in a big city has been all I wanted, if not more. Apart from everything else that went on in life, it has been a good year for perfumes too. I have had the access to smell and try so many perfumes that I had never tried before. Leaving the new releases and industry news to the insiders and professionals, let's see what I loved in 2011.

Favourite perfumes of 2011

Favourites owned: Interestingly, 4 out of 6 are limited editions. Ha!
1. L'Occitane Voyage En Mediterranee: Labdanum de Seville. Oh sweet Labdanum! Made me fall in love with the note. Absolutely stunning!
2. Agent Provocateur: Strip. Amber, leather, powder goodness!
3. Tom Ford: Black Orchid. Sexy, loud, brash and dirty.
4. The Morbid The Merrier: Horseman. This needs to be reviewed because I have a lot to say!
5. BPAL: Womb Furie OMG, that's all.
6. Nocturne Alchemy: The Netherworld. Boozy resins, wow!

Favourites tried:
1. Guerlain: Bois d'Armenie Burning paper and beautiful resins.
2. Frederic Malle: Musc Ravaguer. Sexiness!
3. Tom Ford: Amber Absolute. Spicy amber, best of its kind.
4. By Kilian: Back to Black. Honeyed tobacco.
5. Diptyque: Tam Dao. Sandalwood that is wonderful.
6. Sweet Anthem: Anastasia. Floral beauty, the perfume that first came to my mind when I smelt Illamasqua Freak.

2011 was a great year for DIY. DIY hit of the year was undoubtedly Iso E Super. Love it, love blending it and my post on Iso E Super has been a super hit! I came up with DIY project Lytic Cocktails, which is a dream to pursue at another time in my life, the time I hit a major Lotto.
Speaking of the money, I did the shameful act of calculating how much I spent on perfumes in the year 2011. I never calculate these things because it makes me feel terrible. I did it anyway, I totalled up the PayPal and bank account transactions and used my memory for the purchases I paid in cash. It has come up to $1,214.5 AUD. I'm shocked! I'm not even going to the territory of money spent on makeup and beauty products. I may die of guilt if I did.

Perfume is a luxury and never a necessity. Even perfume lovers would be exaggerating if they said that they couldn't live without buying more and more. With perfumes, it is very easy to loose focus of the fact that you don't need them and go overboard with spending. Well, as long as I can afford it, I don't see it as wrong but still I'm horrified. Bring on Year Of The Tight Arse, as Dee would say! Plan for 2012 is to reduce my collection and try to sell things I don't use anymore in order to make money to ship the perfumes I love to next continent we may be moving to! wink wink!

Another important plan for 2012 is to play with lots of raw materials and chemicals, lots! Well, as long as I'm not bankrupt buying more perfumes that is.


  1. I love Strip. I tried it a few years ago and immediately hated it, then later I kept smelling this wonderful musk stick scent and realised that's what it was. I managed to get a tester bottle for $15, which was a total score as you can't find it around much any more. Definitely a hidden gem.

  2. I was surprised by how good Strip is! It is a stand out for sure. I scored a bottle for a bargain too. Shame it is a limited edition and hard to find.

  3. I don't know what this says about me, but that doesn't seem too unreasonable. If you break it down, it's only about $100 a month. ;-)

  4. Dee, that makes me feel so much better! $100 a month ($25 a week) is not that bad ;)

  5. You are very brave to calculate the total expenditure. Also I'm loving "year of the tight arse" that made my chuckle :)

  6. I wouldn't feel too guilty; I'm sure tons of people out there are spending much more on more destructive "vices". Scents help create a richer life, I consider it an investment in the pursuit of happiness, which you are totally entitled to :) Plus, you share your knowledge and insight with others, which means you're paying it forward. So, no worries.

  7. Eeek! I'm not totaling the amount I spent in a year. No way :P You are so brave.

    I love this post! I think we have very different perfume tastes, but I love your descriptions and reviews, always.

  8. Sarah, haha yeah, year of the tight arse! Have to stick by it :)

    Liber Vix, I like your way of thinking :) I don't have any other vices expect for perfume and makeup. These things kind of make up for all the other bad things I guess. Thank you :)

    Larie, Thank you! We must have been separated at birth LOL Not! We have polar tastes and that makes it more fun :)

  9. You're so brave to post $$$ of the year spent on perfume. I don't think I can stomach mine. I remain in denial.

    I have TMTM Horseman. I love it and I can't wait to read your review!

    My husband got me the Olfactory Notes Kit from Perfumer's Apprentice. I am completely overwhelmed I don't know where to start. Although I did sniff Iso-E Super. It's dreamy!

  10. They all sounds lovely, I haven't tried any of them though lol (I need to get out more :p) Good luck with 'year of the tightarse' hehe :) xx

  11. Some great perfumes there! Strip is lovely and Horseman is just the perfect autumn scent. I'll check out the other ones you've listed :)

    Happy New Year :)

  12. Olfactory Obsessed, how exciting you got a Perfumer's Apprentice kit! There must be so much to smell and play with. I am anting to get my hands on the aromachemical kit from such a long time! Can't wait to hear about your adventures :)

    Corrina, thank you!

    Stef, Happy New Year to you too! :)

  13. I am also obsessed with perfumes..Great list <3

    Happy New Year..