Monday, January 9, 2012

Aftelier Fig

Aftelier is an outstanding perfume company for two reasons. One reason is that it is a natural perfumery using the best of ingredients and secondly because Mandy Aftel is an artist. She creates perfumes by conceptualising a smell and interpreting it into a perfume so beautifully that you can feel the inspiration. Fig is a glorious example of abstractness. Mandy says about Fig "Jasmine sambac, fir absolute, and yuzu create the richness of ripe black figs. Without a true natural fig essence available, my fig contains no fig, but employs a sleight-of-hand based on a rare, almost fruity lavender from Spain, paired with the sweet and jammy fir absolute." 
Work of art! It is hard to imagine how the "fig" is epitomised here, but one sniff of Fig and it all makes sense!

Aftelier Fig
Eau de Parfum

Top: grand fir, pink grapefruit.
Heart: pink pepper absolute, jasmine sambac.
Base: Africa stone, fir absolute.

Aftelier Fig is an unusual fig. It is neither a jammy, syrupy fig nor a fresh, juicy one. It is dry, green and earthy. First I get the smell of fir/pine, something like the smell of Christmas tree. It is green, aromatic and a teeny bit smoky (kind of roasted?). The pepper element adds warmth or should I say a dry but gentle heat. It is sharp and intense. It doesn't take long to settle on the skin and calm down. After this point, I can't figure out what I'm smelling but the feeling it evokes is something of a tranquility. It smells balsamic, slightly sweet and well rounded.

Do I smell fig? I certainly get the feeling of it. It is complex and abstract but definitely the presence of something green, dry and faintly sweet, roasted fig is in the background. It maybe the combination of balsamic-ness of fir and the fruitiness of lavender (which I also get in Aftelier's Amber)

I sampled Aftelier Fig EDP 0.25 ml in a spray vial for $6. Full size (1/4 oz 7.5 ml) costs $150 USD.


  1. This is one I'd love to try! It sounds like a somewhat unusual scent, and I have become obsessed with pink grapefruit lately. :)

  2. Sounds like a very interesting blend.Natural ingredients always smell superior.

  3. Sounds intriguing, I'm quite fond of earthy scents :)

  4. Vintage, I think you like this because it is all natural :) I like grapefruit too, especially when it gets hot!

    Pandora, natural ingredients do make a difference, you can feel it :)

    Jade, I have a feeling you'll like this Fig :)

  5. Hi Guys
    Has anyone tried to create a fig perfume...I love Pacifica's fig and Demeters they are soooo similar.
    Any tips welcome

    1. Hey Ann! You can get Fig fragrance oil from so many perfume DIY stores. Try mixing it with some cedar for that fig-wood smell or with something fresh like (citrus) for a summery smell or with 'salt water' perfume oil for the Thierry Mugler's Womanity smell :)