Friday, February 17, 2012

Perfume Oil Inventory

This inventory post is inspired by Dee who was inspired by Liz (who does great inventory posts of her makeup collection). It has come at the right time because I'm in the middle of a huge clean up (tentative international move!). I'm trying to reduce my stash because it is impossible to take everything with me due to the cost of transport. Most of the perfume oils shown here don't work for me but I still love them all and want to keep them all. It would be very hard to reduce this collection. Geez, it is making me panic. I am so much attached to these things and I hate to let go.

This is my full bottle inventory. I try to keep my ScentBase profile updated but I haven't really recorded or counted my samples. My SB profile is basically a full bottle list with some samples I have. Samples come and samples go. Maybe one day I'll do an inventory post on just samples. Here is the link to my ScentBase Profile. Feel free to add me if you have your own profile!

This wooden box houses my perfume oils, samples and a few miniature perfumes. The ones with golden caps are dupe perfume oils from Hayward Enterprises and some are decants of Ajmal, Al Haramain and various Arabian perfume oils which I have not included in the list. I have found that used and cleaned body butter boxes are great to store decants and imps!

My full bottle list:

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Berry Moon
Bite Me
Black Phoenix
Carnaval Diabolique
Chaos Theory IV
Enraged Orangutan Musk
German Expressionist Horror
Paduan Killer Bees
Pomegranate IV
Pumpkin Latte
Rose Red
Snake Oil
Womb Furie

Haus of Gloi

Licorice Chew


The Morbid The Merrier

Nocturne Alchemy

Desire of a Queen
Nokturne Ember
The Netherworld
Christmas in Cairo  

Ava Luxe
Love’s True Bluish Light

Violette Market: Diablo Canyon Cemetery, The Sea Dragon. Smell Bent: Gelty Pleasures. Cobalt Blends: Palaver. Villainess: Jai Mahal. Arcana: Pax Mundi. Flourish/Firebird: Almond Milk. Mythos Mixture: Ehbon, Epic Quest. Good Judy: Trustafarian

Total Bottles: 52 
This inventory post is a reflection of what I have and why I shouldn't be buying more. But more importantly it is freaking me out that I have to reduce my collection from 52 down to 5 or 10. Time start giving some of these perfumes new homes and learn to let go. Sigh.


  1. that sort of makes me want to cry Su! I can understand freaking out over such large number to part with! I still have a few bottles from grade school/middle school that I won't get rid of simply because of the memories attached to them (not because I could/would actually wear them now!) Scent is a powerful thing, I feel for ya!

    1. Thank you :) How nice you have bottles from high school! I am generally quite unemotional about these things but of late I have brown into this emotional hoarding person. It is good and bad. Think it's time to move on!

  2. Is there someone who can store some of them for you? Your blog is called My Perfume Diaries after all and it'd be a waste and a shame after building such a great collection! I'm all for reducing for simplicity's sake but this is a specialty hobby and I'd also hate to see it dwindle. :(

    1. Actually I am sending away the keepers (5 to 10 bottles) by post back home (India) by post and then retrieve them in UK (where we might be moving to). But sadly, all others have to go. I think it is good thing because I have never even used some of them and very sure that I don't like some of them. It's always nice to build a new collection at a new place :)

  3. Lovely collection! Also, that is such a great way to keep them organised, I have mine in a box with no dividers so sometimes it's like playing dominoes when I accidentally know one over.

    How do you like Ava Luxe's Loukhoum, I've been curious about it?

    1. Thanks Stef :) This box is actually a saviour for organising and transporting. It is a cheapo from reject shop, I think I paid about $10! The domino effect, I know exactly what you mean!!

      Loukhoum is quite sweet, foody rose. It goes on less intensely on the skin than it actually smells in the bottle. It's one of those wearable turkish delight scents :)

  4. I really like your storage idea, how pretty and functional!

    1. It is a nifty thing, Monica! It is strong and has a transparent lid too. It was really cheap, about $10 :)

  5. Oh noes! They're only wee - surely you can find a way to fit them in somewhere! :-(

    1. Dee, I don't know how much and where I can fit these. Thinking about makeup is making me even more panicky :(

  6. So you may be coming to rainy old UK, that's a big move but exciting yet heartbreaking for your perfume collection :(

    1. Yes, most probably but not surely move to UK on the cards! We should catch up :D

  7. Wow, Su! I keep all of my perfume in a wooden box, too! High five ;) I know, trying to reduce the stash is so hard, even if you know it doesn't work on you. Aiya. You can do it! And think of all the space it'll create for some new things that you will love :)

    1. Yay for wooden boxes! Very practical they are :) Very true Larie, making room for new ones will need the old ones to go! Will have to just DO IT :D