Monday, June 18, 2012

L'Occitane: Immortelle De Corse EDP

Immortelle flowers never fade for days even after being plucked and hence the name. It has an array of descriptions about the way it smells from maple syrup to burnt sugar and ham! I have smelt the flowers at the L'Occitane store when the Immortelle skincare range came out last year and what stuck in my head is that Immortelle has a herbal sweet smell with honey undertones, nothing grand and a bit muted. The same smell is there in all the products of the Immortelle skin care range. I have come to acquire three creams from Immortelle Precious range (which is awesome for dry skin, totally recommend) and they all have the same subtle smell. I imagine the essential oil extracted from immortelle would be a tad amplified though. 
Having been generally impressed with L'Occitane perfumes, Labdanum De Seville being in my top 5 and Eau de Bavx being on my wish list, I am always excited to try new perfumes from the house and grab a bottle if I can because the EDPs from the Voyage En Mediterranee can easily go out of stock or get discontinued never ever to be found again (like the Amber one, I missed it!). I got this cute little mini bottle for spare lolly at the L'Occitane sale.

Smelling directly from the bottle, Immortelle smells like sugar. It feels like sticking the nose into a jar of raw brown sugar. Not syrupy but dry and sweet. On the skin, the sugar transforms into honey with hints of tea. Smelling closely, the tea leaves seem to have a slightly burnt aroma. It smells like smoked tea drenched in honey. Unusual but so good. After the initial intrigue, it turns into Prada Candy on my skin! Is it Prada Candy or is it Guerlain's Bois d'Armenie (minus the smoky incense) or is it the sweet booziness of Labdanum de Seville? It is the Benzoin used in all of these that is ominous in Immortelle. The warm caramelly benzion smell is cozy and un-gooey-ly sweet still retaining the herbalness of Immortelle.

The way Immortelle is used (organic essential oil) is stunning. The honey and benzoin enhance the quality of Immortelle and make it stand out. This is an opulent perfume that is balmy and sweet but has depth and dimension making it really pretty, cozy and easy to wear. If you are a sucker for honey scents or sweet scents with a twist, take your $6.80 to L'Occitane store's current sale and get yourself a little bottle to try for yourself. You won't regret. This is the best spare change I have ever spent and I may get a full bottle later this year. 


  1. I love honey scents. You are so lucky to have smelled the immortal flower. I have always liked it's name. Sounds like it's right out of a fairytale.I think I have only sniffed it in Lolita lempika's L de Loliata, but never on it's own.
    This perfume sounds beautiful. Unfortunately, the nearest Loccitane to me is a 30minute flight away in Delhi :)

    1. I remember sniffing the flowers in the store. They were dry but so colourful! It is such a shame that you have to travel to another country to get this stuff!Hope you can make use of international shipping!

  2. Adoro esse perfume.

    I lovely this fragrance.