Friday, June 8, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez Essence In Color and Essence Eau De Musc

Narciso Rodriguez has come out with about 15 perfumes in the past 6 years. The names, the bottles and even the juice are quite similar and it is hard to tell which one I just have tested. After a quick sniffing at the shops, I often find myself thinking "Is it Essence, or Eau De Musc or is it Musc For Her? Or is it Essence In Colour or For Her In Colour?" Colour me confused.... in my mind, NR has two classes of perfumes, For Her (and its flankers) and Essence (and its flankers).

So, if you have smelt one NR perfume, have you smelt them all? I don't think so. They do have the beautiful musk note in common but that is not all. I am huge fan of NR perfumes for the simplicity that makes the perfumes gorgeous. Props to NR for not making 'let's-all-smell-the-same' sweet scents and stepping it up a notch to make simple yet classy, couture perfumes.

Narciso Rodriguez Essence In Color and Essence Eau De Musc
(aka Essence and its flankers)
I reluctantly grabbed these two during my recent trip to CFD. Even though it was for a bargain, my heart was not set on these. I wanted either of NR For Her but I guess I bought these to teach myself to love something out of my comfort zone. 
Essence In Color and Essence Eau De Musc are flankers of the original NR Essence. Let us take a minute to see what Essence smells like. Essence is a play of rose, iris and musk, a light, feminine, soft and wispy rendition to musk. It is an EDP but is kind of thin and delicate. The musk shines. It is clean, soapy, fresh and bright with a floral quality to it. It is harsh with a sharp edges but feminine. I think it is because the musk is cold and dry. It needs patience to be liked. It takes a while for the harshness to round off into a milder, gentler, more pleasant musk.

Essence In Color is similar to the original Essence but I sense a more prominent powdery Iris. It is hasher and needs way more time to settle down for me to feel the bright and beautiful musk note. This EDP is quite strong and you may just need a spritz or two. Eau De Musc, EDT, is a more radiant composition which begins with a fresh citrus note that dissipates into a heart of powder. The musk is softer and smoother than even the original. What is striking about Eau De Musc is its radiance. It has the quality of lighting up the room in a gentle soothing kind of way.

Essence and its flankers are based on expensive-smelling powdery clean musks. They evoke a modern, feminine elegance that needs a modern and sophisticated personality to pull them off. I love these but I find them hard to wear and hard to like. These perfumes wear me than me wearing these perfumes. But it is an experience nevertheless. Also, I have never been keener to own a little bottle of Narciso Rodriguez For Her (either in EDP or EDT form). They have something that Essence doesn't, the warmth that I seek for in musk perfumes (you maybe witnessing the birth of a new musk fetish!).

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