Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perfume Inventory: Full Bottles

Okay, finally my full bottle inventory! After seeing all my full bottles in one place, I have some thoughts. 
1. I don't have a lot of perfumes. No, I am not deluded! Paradox, huh? I may not have a lot but I think I have enough. Counted: 29 full bottles, 34 miniatures, 52 perfume oil bottles and about 100 samples, I think I have enough to smell for a lifetime. 

2. I am enthused as ever to try new things but not keen to accumulate more.

3. I will not be getting any more full bottles. I don't have the space for them and they are not transport-friendly. I will try my best to let go of all those perfumes that I don't care for. That is minus 10 bottles.

4. I prefer to cherish what I love and let someone who appreciates, have the ones I don't. I will not use up the perfumes I love, just for the sake of finishing them. I don't think I can do it. Who knows, I may not be able to afford my favourite bottle again. 

5. I'd rather expand my perfume oil collection than mainstream/niche brands. It is just that I enjoy those more.

6. I don't own anything flash, mostly prestige/masstige brands, some luxury and a couple of niche. I do like most of them irrespective of what kind they are.

A general observation, which also reflects my taste in perfumes is that most of the perfumes I own and love are big/huge perfumes, ambers, vanillas and spices being the common notes in my favourites.

(Here are photos of my Perfume Oil Inventory and here, my Miniature Perfume Inventory. Thanks to Dee and Liz for the Inventory idea)

The Classics: 
Chanel Nº5 and Guerlain Shalimar. I love both.  Shalimar is stunning and my love forever, nothing beats it when layered with BPAL's Snake Oil. Nº5 is really soft and elegant on me. It is not really 'me' but I do like to wear it.

Perfumes I like:
Tom Ford Back Orchid: Really like this. It has the right amount of heaviness and sexiness.
Bvlgari Omnia: A beautiful spicy perfume, kind of light but good. Reviewed here.
Badgley Mischka: Oh, ripe fruits and mashed flowers, in your face and wow! Reviewed here.

Avon Chrstian Lacroix Absynthe: Nice enough but doesn't stay long on my skin.
L'Occitane Labdanum De Seville: OMG, heaven! Love anything with Labdanum and this is Amber/Labdanum galore!
Agent Provocateur Strip: Amazing amber perfume. Reviewed here.

Bottega Veneta: Classy, soft, leather/suede perfume that smells like 'lady who lunches'. Love the bottle, it has a patterned frost at the bottom and a tassle like leather band with a little butterfly detail on it!
Mont Blanc Presence: I have the most precious memories associated with this. It takes me to the time when I was newly wed with lovey dovey eyes, punting away in Cambridge.

The most unusual bottle I own, Ame Toscane by Isabel Derroisne: It is shaped like a very sexy looking woman's body. Most human part shaped bottles freak me out, especially the heads (Anna Sui Dolly Girl) and decapitated, limbless torsos (Jean Paul Gaultier) but I like this one. It smells like powdery florals, delicate and elegant.

La Prairie Life Threads Gold: This is one of those great looking bottle with average juice. I bought it for the bottle's sake, love the construction, especially love the gold threads woven around the bottle. It is a huge floral with a punch of well, everything to it! It is a bit messy and harsh but wearable.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine: Powdery skin musk with hints of Rahaat Loukhoum. Lovely, quiet and well made perfume. Passed on the bottle to my sister in law who seemed to like it as soon as she smelt it.
Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Reviewed here. Almost empty now and I will surely replace the bottle, not right now though.
Provence et Natural Lavender and AmberReviewed here

Overpriced perfumes: 
Bond No 9 West Broadway: Reviewed here. Love it. The most amazing summer scent with cool incense, fresh lilies and a bit of musk. But is it worth the price tag?
Bond No 9 Fashion Avenue: What a waste of money! I could have bought many bottles of Ylang Ylang EO for the same price and smell the same.
Etat Libre D'Orange: Don't Get Me Wrong Baby (.....I Don't Swallow) Reviewed here. Gimmicky name for an average floral. There is nothing naughty about it. I wish it was as interesting as the name.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh: Reviewed here
Jessica Simpson Fancy: Reviewed here
Viva La Juicy: I liked it at first but I seem to have gotten bored with it. Of late it smells like sugary water with nothing and smells like nothing on me.

The ones which I don't really care for:
Burberry Touch, Lanvin Rumeur, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Yardley Honeysuckle, Charlie Red

Tabu: Reviewed here
Aquolina Chocolovers: Reviewed here
Vera Wand Princess: I can't even bring myself to open the bottle. I have tested it at the shops various times and don't really like it.

Family photo:
They all happily live in their boxes. Total count: 29 (hoping to reduce it by half)


  1. Fascinating I think I own about 5 full sized purfumes, I find myself becoming increasingly fussy for what I will cough up for and like you I find myself enjoying purfume oils more and would prefer to buy those :)

    1. It is much better to have a handful of those you really like than having too many. It is a sure waste of money to just buy perfumes for the sake of it. Perfume oils FTW :)

  2. Oh wow, you have such an amazing perfume collection! So jealous! I've only got about 8 full sized perfumes! :)

    1. Thanks Mandy :) It is not at all about the number, it is all about the perfumes you love :)

  3. Wow Su that is some collection! I prefer perfume oils too, cheaper and easier to store :-)

    1. And better quality and so unique compared to so many commercial perfumes!

  4. Erm I have nearly 50 full size bottles. Oh the shame! I don't really have many samples or perfume oils so I'm hoping that counts...

    I've often wondered what Absyinthe was like but couldn't bring myself to buy blind. I like the same kinds of fragrances as you - woody, spicy, vanilla, patchouli, incensey sorts of scents, none of these soft florals for me.

    Great post Su.

    1. Wow, I would love to see your collection! We have great taste, don't we? ;)

      Absynthe smells like liquorice but kind of watered down and doesn't last on my skin for more than 2 hours. It was from a swap, so no regrets :)

  5. Wow, Su! You have such classy, classic taste. Those are gorgeous bottles of Chanel, Tom Ford, etc. I only have a few full sized alcohol-based perfumes, and while I do want one or two more, I will probably always indulge more in perfume oils from indies.

    1. Haha, don't know about classic but I do love those bottles :) Perfume oils are the best!

  6. Oh dear Su, I thought for sure you would have more full-size bottles than me. Now I feel out of control with my 100+.

    I don't like Vera Princess too much, my boyfriend bought it for me years ago and now I've outgrown it but still wear it to make him happy.

    Oh and I spy an empty Alien box there? An old fave?

    1. Ohhh 100+ please show us your perfume wardrobe! I think I love and wear only about half of them regularly. You are making me think if I should get more bottles..... :)

      I should technically like Vera Wang Princess, it has chocolate after all but every time I try it at the shops, I don't find it special. I wonder if it is worth opening and trying out.

      Alien is a body lotion. It is more enjoyable than the perfume. It is hiding among my perfume bottles, I should wear it more often!

  7. Gosh!I'm loving your collection Su. Especially the bottle of La Prairie Life Threads Gold. It's beautiful.Too bad about the scent though. I have read so many wonderful reviews on your blog on perfume oils. Someday I wish to have access to that door of the perfume world too. They sound so unique.

    1. La Prairie is a gorgeous bottle, isn't it? Not that the juice is bad but it is just not worth the money.
      You should take a dive into the world of perfume oils, you will love it :)

  8. Haha, you don't have as many as I thought you would! I must count up how many I have...I think I have between 15-20 full sized ones and a few samples from my beauty boxes...love the perfume oil collection you have! :)

    1. I would love to see your collection Coco! Planning to expand my perfume oil collection with more bottles of nicer scents :)

  9. Hi,
    I googled "Bvlgari Omnia" and your blog came up. It happens to be one of my favorites as well. Is there any other perfume that you would consider similar to it?


  10. You have a wonderful collection of perfumes! The woman-shaped bottle by Isabel Derroisne is really unique. It is a very nice inclusion in your collection!

    Rob Feckler