Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bye Bye Australia!

Time to say goodbye to Australia, where I lived for 6 years and say hello to a new life. I am moving to the United Kingdom to pursue the future of my family and career. Apart from the physical and mental exhaustion of packing and moving, I am a mess of emotions right now. This is exactly how I felt when I moved here and I can't say that everything has turned out perfectly well. I have my regrets and disappointments but overall, I am going away with great memories of Australia. It was a great adventure and I like to see it as a six year long (forced?!) holiday.

I've done things that I never imagined I would, like writing this blog. I have surprised myself by making so many great friends. I am so happy to have known some lovely people (you know who you are). Thank you!

This is the 8th time I am moving in 7 years. It is too much for someone like who loves stability, scared of change, lazy to start fresh. I have this immense feeling of nostalgia where I want the time to freeze in 1988 and that quote in Midnight In Paris is starting to make sense.

I am leaving the future of this blog in a limbo. There will be a hiatus but I am not sure whether to continue with it or not. I will still love perfume and makeup even if I don't write about them. I'll still be tweeting, with time and internet constraints.

Till next time, Tata!