Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Perfumes: Arpege, Charlie, Fragonard

Some lovely vintages that I have come to acquire: Lanvin Eau Arpege and Revlon Charlie, from late '70s, at least 35 years old, both in pristine condition. I was given these as a present by my uncle, who was gifted these by a friend in return of a favour. It was in 1979 or '78 and the friend got these from Switzerland, I suppose. My uncle has used them and loved them. You can see how well they are preserved, with the boxes and all.
I fondly remember the smell of Arpege, sneaking a few sprays from the very same bottle when I was little. To my young nose, don't know why, it smelt like the foil paper from insides of a cigarette pack. It was so fancy that I was afraid to wear it! That thought briefly flashes my mind when I smell it, even now. I get something like a medicinal tincture like smell at first, like the alcohol has matured. It is a powdery floral with an initial aldehyde blast. It is so complex but so rounded and very soft. A little nanna-ish but it is full of class and very wearable.

Charlie is a bit different from the new formulation. It is so huge on aldehydes, sparkling and heavy with old, dry and dusty flowers. I think it is the oakmoss which gives that dry dustiness to the flowers. It is bright and beautiful. I recently wore it to London on a bright and sunny Sunday, doing the touristy things. Perfection!

This 600ml mammoth of a bottle is Fragonard Concerto, not really a vintage. It is about 10 years old. My husband bought it when he visited Grasse, France in 2002, long before we met. Since then it has been untouched and had been living in the cabinets of my in-laws house. I couldn't bear to see it go waste, so I brought it along with me. Concerto is a fresh citrusy cologne, not really my type of thing. I really hope my husband uses it because he is going through a vetiver phase right now, which to be honest, is making me a bit tired and sick.

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