Friday, September 7, 2012

The Body Shop - Scents Of The World: Amazonian Wild Lily, Madagascan Vanilla Flower

My blind buys from website, using the offer 'Buy 2 Get 2 Free'!
Scents Of The World Collection has 5 new fragrances using organic ingredients and extracts: 
Amazonian Wild Lily
Atlas Mountain Rose
Indian Night Jasmine
Japanese Cherry Blossom 
Madagascan Vanilla Flower
They remind me of the bygone TBS perfumes of the same names (Moroccan Rose, Vanilla, Cherry Blossom). Similar names and smell, only with changed ingredients!
Perfumes and the Facial Brush which I am hoping to be poor girl's Clarisonic!
Amazonian Wild Lily Body Mist: This smell reminds me of the fresh, clean air right after the rain. It is watery in the beginning and dries down to soft powdery iris and fresh lilies. Very light and delicate, kind of romantic too. Perfect feminine perfume to feel fresh and cool on a hot summer's day. Totally out of my taste range but I like it coz it makes me happy and lifts my mood. It has been my go-to body spray ever since I bought it. 

Being a body mist and not very concentrated (mostly alcohol and water), the staying power is not that great. It is good for a spritz (make that about 10!) in the morning before stepping out when I don't feel very 'perfumey'. EDT or the perfume oil forms would be better for longer lasting fragrance, let's hope!

Madagascan Vanilla Flower Perfume Oil: Soft sweet vanilla with a bit of a tropical floral element (I want to say frangipani or tiare but I don't smell any particular tropical flower, just too vague). While the regular TBS Vanilla Perfume Oil is warm, toasty, comforting and one of the best vanillas ever, this vanilla lacks every bit of niceness of the regular one and it is very dilute.

While I forgive the Amazonian Wild Lily Body Mist's lack of staying power, due the concentration and given its gorgeousness, I can't forgive the Madagascan Vanilla Flower's lack of staying power and poor construction. It is so weak that I can hardly smell it after about 20 minutes. It fades quicker on me than the body mist. It is a perfume oil, for crying out loud! I smell a marketing plot to make us buy all the matching washes and lotions in the name of layering. 


  1. The lily body mist sounds right up my alley, if not too powdery :) I know because you said it's opposite to your normal tastes, haha! It's a shame about the vanilla one, though :( It sounded so promising!

    1. I think you like the lily one :) It is powdery but not overly so. More like watery floral. Try it on, not sure if it is out in the US yet.
      Vanilla one is just too disappointing :(

  2. What the heck - I don't think we get these here! The lily sounds so good!!

    1. I think it will be released there soon! Lily is really nice :)

  3. I love the Body Shop and these sound amazing. The Madagascan Vanilla sounded like it would be amazing but that is disappointing about it's staying power!
    P.S I've tagged you for a Liebster award on my blog!

  4. Great review :-) I was wondering about the new SOTW perfumes but looks like they aren't anything special.

    1. Thanks Kellstar :) These scents are like a comeback of past perfumes, just tweaked with natural stuff! If you miss any of the LEs like Moroccan Rose or Cherry Blossom, good time to get them. Highly recommend Wild Lily :)