Monday, September 24, 2012

The Perfect Transeasonal Perfume

It was midwinter when I moved from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere. In the Australian winter, I was getting comfortable with all my heavy ambers, vanillas and spices, living in a state of perfume bliss! Then I stopped in India for 5 weeks. It was the end of summer and technically monsoon but not with much rain. It was mildly hot and I did not wear any perfume at all. Then in August, I moved to the UK where the season was turning from Summer to Autumn. The hot sunny days, what were left of summer were beautiful and it was getting windy. I faced the dilemma of what to wear that would be light for the heat and comforting for the chilly winds. My Snake Oil was getting too heavy and my Iso E Super, too light. Then I found a beauty that I have worn a lot in the beginning of Autumn:

The Body Shop - White Musk Blush

Being a fan of TBS White Musk, it was easy to like this flanker. The soft muskiness of the original sets the tone for White Musk Blush. There is an appealing twist to the musk. The powdery floral part of White Musk is very much toned down and replaced by "younger" notes. By "younger", I mean it is fresher and more vibrant without being sweet or sugary or overly fruity, which makes it a winner

White Mush Blush begins with a cinnamon aroma along with the smell fresh green apples. The spiciness is very mild and kind of soothing. Even though the combination of apple and cinnamon sounds like something you would eat, it is not at all a gourmand perfume. It is more like fresh juicy apple with a hint of aromatic cinnamon. The musk is not as grand as the original but it has the same mild floral theme but way less powdery and way less 'musky'. Musk is layered with vanilla, a really likeable creamy but unsweet vanilla. 

Cinnamon and apple which is the undeniable smell autumn, light florals which are refreshing for sunny days, vanilla which is perfect for cool winds, and more importantly close-to-the-skin musk that is so sexy! Sounds like there is too much going on but in fact it is so easy and effortless to wear. The perfect summer to autumn transition perfume. Can't get enough!


  1. As soon as I read Cinnamon and Vanilla I feel like I have to head to the nearest Body Shop for a sniff :)

    1. Haha, you should! The bottle only costs a tiny bit. Nice to have one on hand :)

  2. ooh...sounds intriguing, though I am not a huge fan of the original white musk so not sure whether it would be my cup of tea.

    Now that you are in the UK there is a brand that you must check out if you havent already discovered them - Penhaligons. They would have to be one of my favourite perfume brands. The perfumes I have tried are very english abd a tad old fashion - but that is my taste to a tea! My all time fav is Ellenisia (gardenia and jasmine) and they also do an amazing Lily of the Valley, if that is your thing.

    1. This version of White Musk is something you'll like if you hate the original because it is milder and something you'll like even if you like the original! Win-win :D

      Oh yes, they carry Penhaligon's in the the shops. I have tested a few and they are really great perfumes. You know what I am lusting after? The beautiful tiny 5 ml x 5 bottle set. Each little bottle is just gorgeous! x