Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cuteness Alert! Estee Lauder Solid Perfume 'Kitten' Compact

Look what I just got! Kitten compact from Estee Lauder! This little fella is from the year 2000 and his belly has traces of Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume, which was originally filled in. He is made of solid metal with gold plating, has green rhinestone eyes with an enamel pink bow and yarn ball and just the cutest kitten ever! Gosh, I love him! Beyond adorable!

The world of Estee Lauder Solid Perfume is a fascinating one. Yes, it is a world in itself, a collector's world. It is not about the perfume in it, but it is about the really special containers they come in. Estee Lauder has been producing these gorgeous compacts to hold a tiny amount of Estee Lauder perfume in solid form since 1967 and the tradition has been going on till today. The limited number, limited edition designs and the fact that some are old and rare make the 'Solid Perfume' perfect to have collections of and it is indeed a well tapped market. There are serious collectors who invest time, dedication, interest and money to build their collections which could be worth a few thousand dollars.
Some Jay Strongwater Solids from 2010 Holiday collection
SolidPerfume.com is a fantastic resource for Estee Lauder Solid Perfumes. Check out this amazing database for solids, with pictures, year and other details. 

I bought mine from eBay for ₤28 (close to $45) and I think it is a fair price. Mint In Box (MIB) with perfume in it will be more expensive and collectors recommend buying MIB as it keeps the collections from devaluation. Something to think about for future buys, but I am pretty happy with mine even though it is not MIB. I only got it because I loved the Kitten and not bothered about the future value, neither am I buying it as an investment. Well, it is not like buying an Omega Seamaster 50th Anniversary watch without papers or box, though some solids (faux Ivory series) do go for thousands of dollars even without being MIB!

This is my first ever solid and I sense the start of something sinister! It is really fun and thrilling to hunt down, collect and preserve these solid perfume compacts. I think I am hooked! I want all the cats, the owls... well, I want all the animals! I also want this year's Harrod's Exclusive Bear! Disposable income, where are you?!


  1. OMG!! This is so damn cute!! Will ask my hubby to buy it for me.. :)) Love it!


    1. You'll love the kitty coz I know how much you love cats :) happy hunting! x

  2. Adorable, I'm such a sucker for vintagey collectables <3

    1. Oh, yes! I've never been into collecting vintage stuff but now I am sucked into these cute things:)

  3. I just finished my new book and it is at the printer.

    I wanted to let you all know that there is now a new book for Estee Lauder solid perfume collectors. It has information on every single solid perfume made by EL from 2002 to now. I picked up where the book by Roslyn Gerson left off. I have gathered all the information that I could find available on these solid perfumes and put it in one easy to use book.

    My book will be ready to ship by May 8th 2016! I'm so excited.

    Here's the chance to get one of the first run copies. I will not be selling it in book stores but it is available on Ebay, Etsy and by direct order from me (sizzlesells@aol.com). Cost is $39.95 plus shipping.

    I also have a powder compact book coming in a few weeks. It will have every EL powder from 1963 to now plus Katherine Baumann powder compacts.