Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Thoughts: By Kilian In The Garden Of Good And Evil

By Kilian is probably the only company I know that sends out new release fragrance samples which haven't even reached the market to everyone and anyone! An exclusive luxe brand with ultra luxe prices reaching out to people like you and me! The decision to buy a full bottle or even a refill relies completely on sampling because a mistake will be a super expensive one. It a privilege to even try By Kilian fragrances for many people, including myself (when I lived in Australia), because they are not readily available everywhere. It is hard to track down new releases and they aren't yet listed on the decant sites. Imagine my pleasure when I was sent these perfume samples to my door step! How awesome is that! I was one of probably hundreds of people who received the new releases (so new that that are not still updated on By Kilian website!). You can request the samples through By Kilian's Facebook page or by contacting the company directly via email.

In The Garden Of Good And Evil: The new line has 3 fragrances and it said to have been based on "The Myth Of The Original Sin". All I can say is that I am glad to see the word "Myth". What would Darwin say? Well, I take the interpretation for what it is, a purely artistic translation of a story into perfumes, some very well done perfumes indeed!

For fabulous reviews of the three perfumes, click here. I can't say it so well, but this is just how the perfumes play on my skin.

In The City Of Sin: Bergamot, pink peppercorn, cardamom, apricot, plum, rose absolute, incense, cedar wood, patchouli, white musk accord.
My favourite of the lot! First I get cardamom and mild spices. Then comes a beautiful incense which rests over a creamy cedar base. Incense is soft, luminous and a bit Amouage-esque. On my skin, I get no fruity notes or any patchouli. Rose is so light that there is just flash of it to merge seamlessly with the incense. Overall, it is a woody, mildly spiced incense scent that is gentle, light and very appealing. Probably the most unisex of the three fragrances. 

Good Girl Gone Bad: Jasmin Sambac, osmanthus, rose, tuberose, narcissus, violet accord, plum accord, cedar wood, amber, patchouli, vetiver, musk.
Wow, what a nice a floral perfume! Lush jasmine, a bit of orange blossom, faint but detectable tuberose, barely there rose, oh my! A heady but a delightful blend of florals, one of the floral blends that is easy to wear. Beneath this pretty exterior lurks something vintage. Something that gives the perfume an edge of badness, in a very classy way. That something is patchouli with musk (tinged with a teeny bit animalic quality). This is a statement-making perfume. It makes me feel like a pretty but a sophisticated woman with a 'bad' edge!

Forbidden Games: Apple, peach, plum, cinnamon, Bulgarian rose, geranium bourbon, jasmine, vanilla, honey, opoponax.
This should have been called Forbidden Fruit, no wait, may be just Fruit! Well, it is a fruity perfume but not so forbidden. Begins with fresh, ripe apple and peach, so fresh and ripe that they are dribbling with juice. Fruitiness merges florals (I want to say rose but I am not really sure). It is a fruity floral but a nice one. If you like fresh fruity perfumes with a realistic apple and peach, you'll love it. I like it too, as a fresh perfume for a summer day.

One thing I noticed about these perfumes is that they don't stay on my skin as long as other Kilians. The staying power is good but not as good as that of Back To Black or Love or Straight To Heaven. Back To Black has an awesome staying power which is why I dared to purchase a set. Love and Straight To Heaven are something I would consider buying. I wish my skin didn't eat away these new perfumes as much!

I base my perfume purchases on two very practical things, the staying power and how often I would wear a perfume, other than of course the fact that I should love the smell. Out of the three, I would buy In The City Of Sin not only because it is gorgeous but also because I can see myself wearing it on a daily basis and it has a nice-ish if not super staying power on me. I am sure I will be too tempted to get a refill of it when I see these perfumes at Harvey Nichols in real life. Would I get a big bottle with the oh-so-gorgeous clutch (which is actually the case for the bottle)? I would if I could! But sadly I can't afford to spend most part of ₤150 on a clutch that I wouldn't know what to do with but stare at with admiration all day! I bet the case for refills would be gorgeous in carved white stone. That, I might get!
The Clutch! 


  1. I also love that Kilian sends out samples, too! Still waiting for this one. I think Canada gets the last batch. ;(

    Interesting that he's decided to go with a white decor as opposed to his traditional black bottles as he embarks on the sin theme.

    1. Hope you get the samples soon, Liz :) I love the black more but also like the white. The combo of gold and white would look stunning irl! I think it goes well with the feminine theme of the collection :)

  2. I got my batch! I haven't smelled them yet, though.

    1. Can't wait to hear what you think! I can see you liking Forbidden Games :)