Tuesday, December 18, 2012

L'Artisan: A Perfume And A Candle

My haul from L'Artisan! 
Thè Et Pain D'Epices Candle: (translates to Tea and Gingerbread. read here)
"Time for Tea. The scent of smoky tea, crystallized orange, spices and honey. A slice of gingerbread by a roaring fire. Cosy and warm, this is the perfect comfort candle"
Very excited about this! It is based on Lapsang Souchong Tea! It is smoky, aromatic and has the refreshing bitterness of tea. I don't really get any gingerbread or orange or sweetness. The smell of smoky tea is subtle and totally relaxing. Puts me in the best of my moods instantly. The candles burns well, after an hour or so of burning, there is just 1 centimeter of wax missing. This little treat costs ₤13, it is pricey for its tiny size (35g) but a nice indulgence. If you are looking for a similar perfume, Tea For Two is a good choice.

Mûre Et Musc EDT: I didn't expect to like this fragrance at all. Berry scents in general are not my thing. But Mure Et Musk in the strength of EDT is delightful. It has a beautiful green opening of basil with a very light lemony citrus. I am surprised that I get the smell turmeric on my skin! Not powdered turmeric, but the smell of turmeric root, raw and crisp. It adds a nice freshness to the opening. The berry part of it is really, really mild and thankfully so. I do not get any syrupy berry smell, may be because it is EDT (EDP has slightly pronounced berries). The best part of the perfume is of course the musk. It is a floral musk, very simple but very beautiful. It is not animalic or clean, but has a radiating sweet warmth. This perfume was made in 1978, the first fragrance of L'Artisan. But it does not smell like it is stuck in a decade. It is much ahead of its time. The musk does smell like a trip to 80's (think the Jovans) but the combination is modern and young. Overall, it is a nice, sweet, fresh musk. I could wear it everyday and not get bored!
I got the 15ml spray bottle as a deal with the candle purchase for ₤20 (total of ₤33 for both candle and perfume, great deal!)

I bought this at beautifully displayed L'Artisan pop-up store in Westfield, Stratford City. A shout out to Lisa, the store manager, who was very friendly and such a pleasure to talk to! She was full of information about every perfume I asked to try. We chatted about perfume in general for about half an hour and I was impressed by her passion for perfume. So impressed that I had to make a purchase. I was given 3 samples, one of which I am quite fond of, Timbuktu and other two need proper testing. I also fell in love with Poivre Piquant, a milky honeyed pepper scent, which I may soon get a bottle of when I visit the flagship shop at Covent Garden, London. Can't wait to visit that place!


  1. Oh, the packaging is beautiful - that alone warrants a purchase! Tea scents are so lovely - that candle sounds amazing!

    1. Love the packaging too! You'll love the candle and Tea For Two perfume :)

  2. The tea candle sounds very enticing and now I'm hyperventilating at the idea of a perfume opening with basil. I could spend the rest of my life hunting down tea and basil scents and be content.

    1. You will love both these then! You'll also love Tea For Two and L'Eau de L'Artisan :)