Saturday, December 15, 2012

Les Senteurs Gourmandes: Tendre Madeleine

Yummy stuff, guys! Very yummy stuff! In fact, entire Les Senteurs Gourmandes line of Laurence Dumont is yummy. I have sampled almost all of them through TPC decants but haven't bought a full size because I had no access to a store that sold/shipped perfumes from the brand. Marks & Spencer has been stocking these perfumes and I am happily trying each one whenever I visit. Recently I picked up a body lotion in the most amazing Madeleine scent!
Tendre Madeleine EDP is a really sweet perfume. It is a bit too sweet even for me, a well known lover of all things delicious. As it progresses, I get very hints of zesty citrus and mild almond in a sweet cinnamon/vanilla concoction. Oh, the delicious bakery smell! It is so nice that I want to eat myself up! As for the Tendre Madeleine part, I get the beautiful cinnamon-vanilla-baked smell but it is not as dainty as a madeleine would be. It is not 'light as air' because of the sweetness but delicious for sure.

The body lotion is lighter on the sugar and cinnamon, has lemon zest to balance out the sweetness, but does not compromise on the vanilla-bakery goodness. Suits me just right! It is light and nourishing. The scent lingers on all day. Great scent for winter but a bit too much for the heat. I can easily finish the bottle in the next couple of months when it is still cold. Next scent to tackle, Bourbon Vanilla!


  1. Fooooood! I tend to like foodie scents, but sometimes they work best as candles or short-lived lotions than perfume, I feel. Still, this sounds delectable!

    1. True in this case, Larie! It is a great body lotion :)

  2. Your description of this makes me hungry! It sounds like it smells delicious<3