Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Oddity: Fountain Pens!

A few weeks ago, Nadja (of La Domna) tagged me for an oddity post. Liz writes a series 'Things I Like A Lot' on her blog. I can't do a series because my life is not that exciting really. But this is my one off oddity post about my fountain pen love!
Writing with Mont Blanc 145 Chopin fountain pen
I love fountain pens. Love that borders obsession. My love for fountain pens started when I was in 3rd grade, thanks to my teacher, Ms Burnie Fife who had the most beautiful handwriting and taught us how cool and grown up it is to write with a fountain pen. Since then I have been a devout fountain pen user. My first fountain pen was Camlin which leaked like a real water fountain. Ink stains on fingers and clothes, filling it up with a filler, keeping a piece of chalk to suck the ink, lending and borrowing ink drops.... was so much fun! Then I moved on to better pens like Hero, Parker, Camel, Pilot, Waterman etc. I wrote with many fountains pens till I completed my university. I still do and thankfully my line of work involves a lot of writing.
I write with ball point pens, gel pens too but fountain pens have always been close to my heart. Nothing else gives the pleasure of writing as a fountain pen gives! 

I also married a man who is as fond of fountain pens as I am. We keep buying pens as gifts for each other. We don't really collect fountain pens but we have some nice ones. These are the pens we are using right now.
We have an obsession with Mont Blanc, a super expensive obsession. Three Mont Blanc pens between us:
Mont Blanc Meisterstruk Mozart, a set of a fountain pen and a ball point pen 
Montblanc Meisterstück No. 145 - Hommage á F. Chopin Fountain pen (one of the best and iconic Mont Blanc pens).

Mont Blanc Pens (3 pens from the top) 
Pink Kingsley mini fountain pen
vintage Plexor (1940s I think)
Cross and Shaeffer fountain pens
 and Cross roller ball pen (in the white box, newest addition)

This is my favourite pen, Kingsley mini fountain pen. It is the least expensive of all my pens. This is a total attention grabber and the photo doesn't do it justice. My all time favourite pen is still a Hero pen. I  need to buy one soon.

I do check fountain pen forums occasionally and love watching fountain pen videos on YouTube. But I have to admit I am not really into the technicalities of pens, unlike many other people out there who really know their stuff. My knowledge about pens is comparable to someone owning and enjoying a Serge Lutens but not knowing much about the notes or the perfumer. It smells good is all that matters for a perfume and for a pen, it writes well is all that matters. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

S-A-D #18: Sweet Anthem 'Colin'

Sample A Day Review: Day #18
Solid Perfume
Sweet Anthem
Limited Edition
"Thick air of cardamom, incense, and myrrh set the stage for many a-ghostly and storied song, and provides asylum for spice-laden spectors who steal sweet maidens into the dead of night.
Amber, Benzoin, Cardamom, Frankincense, Honey, Myrrh"

Colin is a beautiful perfume. It is sweet and rich. First, I get ambery cream and then I get lots of honey and a good amount of cardamom. The combination of amber and benzoin smells like milk cream on my skin. The cream is quite thick and very milky, just like the smell of sweetened condensed milk. Honey and cardamom make it more edible. I don't get any incense or myrrh. It is so yummy that I want to eat this! I love milky scents and I think I hit a jackpot here because of how my skin makes it smell milky. I have worn it many times and the more I wear it, it is starting to get a bit too foody for me. If my skin didn't amp the milkiness so much and amber/benzoin came out as two distinct notes, it would have been more interesting. Colin is a really nice perfume and really like wearing it, but in moderation.

The solid perfume has a nice texture. It spreads well on the skin without feeling greasy. It is convenient to carry around to top up as and when required. As with solid perfumes in general, the exciting transition from top to middle notes is lost but the drydown is good and the scent stays for a few hours on me. The sample is pretty generous and I will use it up till I get bored of it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

S-A-D #17: Aftelier 'Cassis'

Sample A Day Review: Day #17
Retired line
Custom orders available
"Fruity, complex, spicy and warm, with notes of black currant and rum. Creating a fruity perfume with only natural ingredients is quite a challenge, since most fruity aromas are synthetic. An opulent black currant absolute blended with sparkling rum enabled me to create a fruity perfume with the tonality of winter fruit.  
Featured Notes: 
Top: Rum CO2, blood orange. 
Heart: pimento berry absolute, black currant. 
Base: black tea, patchouli."

Cassis opens with a really dense rum note. Like the description says, berry/black currant is not the fruity medicinal berry that is can often be found in many of those blackcurrant perfumes. It is a deep essence of blackcurrants like ripe fruit macerated in rum. The rum is not overly boozy either and goes very well with the fruit. Berries/currants mixed with rum smells like some kind of exotic liqueur. The patchouli emerges and takes the boozy fruit in a totally different direction. It adds a lot of depth and makes the perfume very interesting. In the dry down, orange seems like it appears from nowhere but on careful sniffing, it is the fruit that gradually shifts into orange. Orange is very mildly spiced. Blackcurrant, spiced orange with hints of rum makes me think of christmas pudding but it is not literal, only the abstract essence of it. It does not smell like anything edible, thanks to patchouli.

I am a fan of Mandy's natural perfumes and Cassis makes me appreciate her perfumes even more. I think Cassis is a perfect non-tart, non-gourmand perfume based on blackcurrant with a beautiful depth. I bought this sample long ago and it is 1/4th ml, which is just enough to get a feel of the perfume but very less to actually say about how long it lasts on the skin. My full bottle purchases of Aftelier perfumes in the order of my preference would be Tango, Amber, followed by Cassis. If I can afford, that is!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

S-A-D #16: Sarawen 'Cake Or Death'

Sample A Day Review: Day #16
Cake Or Death
"When you -must- have your cake or die! Decadent buttercream frosting and vanilla cake with a touch of spice over a darkened amber base. A customer favourite.  Delicious but wicked. Beware!"

This is cake but not an ordinary cake. Cake with a twist or should I say twisted cake? In the vial, I smell vanilla cream, slightly sour, something like cake batter. On my skin, all I get is cake: moist, succulent and yummy! But something is not right about the cake. Cake is accompanied by a musty smell, like mildew or something. I just can't get over it. It is something so unusual that it makes me want to smell it more and more. It took sometime for me to realise that it is the amber. It is dry, dusty and very powdery. The amber is not as prominent in the dry down. It is still there but the vanilla cake batter takes over with a hint of dustiness.

Cake Or Death makes me think of a mouldy cake and the death caused by consumption of the toxins! I like it. It is sweet and wearable, long lasting and has a good projection. I am almost done with my vial and my second one is on its way which I happen to have won from a vegan website. I will use up the samples before deciding if I should indulge in a full size.

I have exhausted my drafts on the sample reviews which has made me fall behind. Will catch up soon, one at a time, when real life doesn't spoil all the perfume fun!

Friday, January 18, 2013

White Chocolate Chai Shots!

This was originally intended to be White Chocolate Chai Truffles. But I overused the cream and I didn't quite get to roll them into balls. I poured the mixture into shot glasses instead. Hence came to be the White Chocolate Chai Shots! Each spoonful (and finger lick) tasted delicious! I don't really have a recipe for it because I screwed up the proportions for truffles which is probably the easiest thing to make with chocolate. It involves white chocolate melted into double cream with Whittard's Chocolate Chai drink mix (tea with cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate flavours) and a hint of cardamom, garnished with almond flakes and dessicated coconut.
Top Notes: Ginger, Mandarin, Saffron, Pepper, Cardamom
Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Almond, Masala Chai, Lotus
Base Notes: Sandalwood, White Chocolate, Tonka Bean, Woody notes
White chocolate and spiced tea is such a delicate combination, not only in food but also in perfumes. This reminded me of Bvlgari Omnia. It tasted exactly like what the perfume would taste if it was edible! Very graceful, mildly spiced masala chai on a base of white chocolate and smooth woods. The perfume is not really deep or sweet but fresh and creamy. Just lovely!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

S-A-D #15 :OHWTO 'Evil Angel'

Sample A Day Review: Day #15
Evil Angel
One Hand Washes The Other
Private Stock
Evil Angel: An altered blend of scents, per custom request: cracked coconuts dance solo amongst swirls of dark musky woods, hint of vanilla, and a sprinkle of powder. It's Desolation Angel, minus the lime, which makes it an almost entirely different scent altogether.

In the vial, it smells like coconut. Not the fresh coconut meat smell but the smell of dry coconut. It is very similar to pure coconut oil. As soon as it touches the skin, it becomes a musky coconut. The musk is slightly sweet but very powdery. The drydown is like coconut macaroons only perfumed! It is a very nicely made perfume more musky than foody. I do like coconut perfumes but not crazy about them. If you like coconut perfumes, this is a nice perfume to try.

Monday, January 14, 2013

S-A-D #14: Wiggle 'Hala'

Sample A Day Review: Day #14
Permanent collection
Samples available
"I am so ready for the sun to appear! It's still gray and frosty where I am, but all I can think about is the smell of fresh new leaves and blooming bulbs. I created Hala to help me feel like spring is near, even if it may not be just yet. An arrestingly unusual blend of cool, crisp greens and sugary florals, this vanille verte is perfect for those first brisk days after a long winter. Makes me think of taking a walk in the sunshine, listening to the birds just starting to sing, still cuddling into my fuzzy sweater for just a little while longer. Hala is a blend of linden, green tea, fresh bamboo, a double dose of vanilla, and splashes of elegant peony and lilac. There's just the tiniest drop of ginger and honey as well, because, well...why not?"

Hala is a very fresh floral. It is a really a pretty, feminine frangrance. In the vial it smells like tea and flowers. A refreshing sweetened floral tea, if you may call it! Tea and bamboo, the smell of calmness! Then there is the smell of fresh flowers, with the nectar and all. I barely know Linden Blossom but in my limited experience this is how it smells. Fresh, sweet and bright. I can't recognise the flowers but they are quite charming. Hala is a very pretty perfume of fresh blooming flowers full of nectar, reminiscent of Spring. I like it and makes me happy. I'll hold on to the sample for now and keep testing it before deciding on a full bottle. I change my mind easily on florals.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

S-A-D #13: BPAL 'Djinn'

Sample A Day Review: Day #13
General Catalogue
"An ancient, free-willed race created from the essence of Fire, much as man was created from Earth. They prowled the land at night, vanishing with the first rays of dawn. Myths surrounding the Djinn paint them as many things: benevolent champions of mankind and slaves to mad sorcerers, malicious incubi / succubi and energy vampires, or malevolent harbingers of madness and disease. The Djinn are ruled by Iblis, the Prince of Darkness, who bears unspeakable contempt for man. The scent of black smoke, of crackling flames, and smoldering ashes."

Djinn #13 on 13/1/13 at 13:13! Evil, huh?!
Djinn is strange. You know how solid camphor when it catches fire becomes a vapour without actually melting into a liquid? Djinn to me is that exact smell of sublimation of camphor. In the imp all get is incense, laden with lots of camphor. The incense at this stage is actually very pleasant but the scent becomes sharper as it progresses. It has a lot of fir/evergreen/piney resins in it. I don't get any smoke. But the combination of camphor, incense and pine does smell like fire in my mind. It dries down to strange sweet incense with some vetiver. It is not as evil as it is described though. Djinn is not something I would wear. It is a bit too masculine for my taste. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

S-A-D #12: Wiggle 'Speakeasy Vanilla'

Sample A Day Review Day 12
Speakeasy Vanilla
General Catalogue
Samples available
"This fragrance opens up with a bright, intoxicating bourbon vanilla scent then mellows into a softer, creamy vanilla. To balance the sweetness, I've added sultry amber and smokey frankincense. On the very bottom is a delicately floral white musk, and if you're very sharp you may catch the tiny hint of bay rum lurking in the mix"

Got to love vanilla with a twist! When I first smelt it, I didn't expect much and I didn't even know what was in it. Smelt wet, it is a really nice smooth vanilla perfume, something I have smelt so many times before. As it develops on my skin, I get some frankincense. It is kind of cold and complements the warmth of vanilla very well. After about 10 minutes, the surprise happens and this awesome smokiness emerges! Speakeasy vanilla becomes a beautiful smoky incense-y vanilla perfume. It is so warm and cozy but so different. I get the musk which is a bit soapy but goes well with the smoky vanilla. It is somewhat like BPAL's Snake Oil. I love Snake Oil with all my heart but I know many people find it overwhelming due the spices and strong incense. Speakeasy Vanilla is warmer, softer, without the sharp spice/incense of Snake Oil and so much more wearable. Love this perfume and totally getting a full bottle of this.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

S-A-D #10 & #11: Twyla Perfumes

The Spirit Of Christmas Past and Pan de Muerto y Chocolate
Lovely Dee decanted them for me in the cutest little bottles ♥
Sample A Day Review: Day #10
The Spirit of Christmas Past 
Limited Edition for Christmas
"White Chocolate Cognac Creme: a creamy, sweet yet wistfully delicate blend of massoia bark, pressed flowers, and french white cognac"

Wow, this is delightful! It smells like flowers and cognac! The flowers are really delicate in this one. There is booze but it is so mild. It is also creamy but so light! The cream and cognac give the white chocolate effect. The flowers lighten it up further to make it very pretty. It smells like delicate white flowers infused into light creamy cognac! It is a beautiful feminine perfume, not too foody and easy to wear. 

Sample A Day Review: Day #11
Pan de Muerto y Chocolate 
Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary
Limited Edition for Halloween
"Pan de muerto is a traditional bread baked in celebration of The Day of the Dead, decorated with bone-shaped bread symbolizing the loss of loved ones, often eaten with Mexican hot chocolate.  Cacao absolute, blood-orange, anise, and baking spices" 

Oh, is deep, dark, delicious chocolate! So heady that it takes me straight to chocolate heaven! It is just like intense chocolate, not really sweet but very rich. The intensity of the chocolate is accompanied by a lighter orange note. I don't get any spices but I do get anise. It is like a fine quality chocolate liquorice. In the dry down, the chocolate is bitter with an earthy undertone. This is awesome. The staying power of PdMyC is slightly better than TSoCP (you know what they stand for!). Both last about on hour on my skin.
Purity in the meniscus!
See how this perfume is in two layers, i.e biphasic? It is because of the immiscibility of the watery dark chocolate and the clear carrier oil. (Like dissolves like! And oil floats on water due to its density and forms a meniscus due to surface tension. Chemistry and physics!) 
I've been told sometime back with regards to another body oil that if perfumes with chocolate do this, it means two things. 
1. Cocoa Absolute is pure stuff. It is a water soluble essence and therefore does not dissolve in oil. 
2. There are no additives like chemical solubilisers/emulsifiers to mix the oil and absolute, therefore no unnecessary chemicals! 
As good as it gets! It mixes well when shaken and goes on nicely on the skin. I think it is fun to see how they both mix and then separate when they settle! I am a bit mesmerised! I would avoid it on white clothes though.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

S-A-D #9 Twyla Perfumes 'Dryad'

Sample A Day Review: Day #9
Twyla Perfumes and Apothecary
Nonpareil blends
General Catalogue
Samples available
"A beautiful, truly unisex, androgynous woodsy blend with the unique and very complex poplar bud absolute, pine scotch, sweet amber, honey absolute, bourbon vanilla, immortelle, tarragon absolute and resins and a few drops of my very special vintage, 20 year-old patchouli. Redolent of a lush, green and ancient forest."

First sniff, it smells very pine-y but the kind of pine that is very natural and fresh from the tree. Pine has a tinge of eucalyptus on my skin. It also has a very slight herbal greenery (tarragon?). I am not really a fan of pine but I am HUGE fan of what comes minutes later. The resins! How beautiful! I can't pin point the resins because they are so perfectly blended. I get a concoction of rich vanillaic/amber/balsamic/labdanum/benzoin/honey and all those gorgeous things. It has a beautiful warmth and a light boozy tone which is like honey in bourbon vanilla. All of this grounded by a nice earthiness. It settles very well on the skin. I just love the drydown of this. It does have the lingering pine note but doesn't bother me anymore. It smells so cozy and comfortable. I dabbed this perfume on the back of my hand before I went to bed yesterday and I could smell the vanilla till I showered today. Great staying power.

I have a perfume from Nocturne Alchemy called Netherworld. It is my all time favourite resinous perfume. Unfortunately, it is a limited edition from 2008. It is quite similar to Dryad's dry down minus the pine. Dryad is taking its place and topping my favourites list once I finish the bottle of Netherworld.

As always, Dee is really lovely to share her sample with me. As always, consider myself enabled! I want a full bottle of this at some point but right now, can't wait to try ALL of Twyla's perfumes! Ordering soon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

S-A-D #8 : Lulu Beauty 'Starlet'

The toughest little vial to photograph!
Sample A Day Review: Day #8
Currently available on Etsy
"Starlet is feminine magnetism bottled. Velvety white gardenias rest provocatively on a base note of clean, sensual musk to create a sultry fragrance that is both lingering and alluring."

Oh wow, this is lush! A big bunch of white flowers! Very heady and opulent gardenia but it is also creamy, soft and very true to life. It is so pretty and ultra feminine. If you love your florals, you got to try it! I can see a bride wearing it on her wedding day.

This sample was given to me by Michelle (thanks!). I haven't bought any from the shop yet but I may soon. The full bottle is on the pricier side, $40 US for about 4mls. There is a set of 3 samples and a nice sampler pack of 7 perfumes too.

Monday, January 7, 2013

S-A-D #7: L'Aromatica 'Kulfi'

Sample A Day Review: Day # 7
"Based on a very popular Indian dessert of the same name. It’s rich and creamy with a hint of spice. A handmade saffron-infused oil is added to this blend.   
Notes: Cardamom, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Sandalwood, Saffron.   
Fragrance Family: Gourmand, Sweet, Spicy."

Saffron Kulfi from Tamana, Newtown, Sydney.
Kulfi is an Indian ice cream dessert. It is basically very rich and sweetened frozen milk-cream, flavoured with indian spices like cardamom, saffron or nuts like almonds and pistachios or seasonal fruit like mango. I love Kulfi and have eaten a lot of it. Kulfi is exotic for the hotter South, where I am from (Kulfi originated in the freezing Himalayan region) and I don't have a traditional recipe. I wish I did! The best Kulfi I have tasted is the 'Matka Kulfi' which is Kulfi frozen in earthen pots using the best milk cream. It is so rich and releases all these wonderful flavours as it melts in the mouth!

L'Aromatica's Kulfi is a really good interpretation of the dessert. It is all about cardamom. It begins with a very pleasant note of the spice, very close to real cardamom. It has a nice freshness without being sharp. It comes with a lovely cream note, very milky and so delicious! It is sweet but it has enough fresh cardamom to cut through all of the cream. Saffron is too delicate for all the cardamom. It has the feeling of coolness to it, again due to the beautiful cardamom. It is just like what real kulfi tastes and feels! There are hints of coconut and sandalwood in the dry down. It is a foody scent but a very wearable perfume with enough depth. It lasts for a few hours and stays close to the skin.

Kulfi is a sensational perfume. I love the unique concept and how well it translates into the perfume. It is also the best cardamom perfume I have tried. Thanks to Olfactory Obsessed for the wonderful recommendation.  Loreto, who makes these great perfumes is very friendly and I have had a nice experience buying samples from her Etsy store. Highly recommend getting a sample and testing out. I need to get a full bottle of this!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

S-A-D #6 :Lush Gorilla Perfume '1000 Kisses'

Sample A Day Review: Day #6
1000 Kisses
Gorilla Perfume
(Previously known as 1000 Kisses Deep
from Too Busy To Be Beautiful)
Inspired by the song of the same name by Leonard Cohen
"An exquisite and delicate apricot-note from osmanthus blossoms, combined with a touch of citrus and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love. It encompasses the whole spectrum of feelings, the powerful rush of emotion, and conveys the abstract."
The smell of summer and freshly peeled mandarins from Sicily
Myrrh, Labdanum, Mandarin, Osmanthus

All my Lush reviews warrant a warning because I am Lush-o-phobic. My dislike for Lush nothing more than my personal preference and taste in perfumes. But I'll make my reviews as objective as possible. To open up my mind to Lush, I bought a sampler to play with and my opinion is changing. Some are still terrible on me but some, I am beginning to like. 1000 Kisses is one of the few Lush fragrances that I think is pleasant and is actually wearable. There is no harsh, headache/noseache inducing elements in this one.

1000 Kisses smells like orange and flowers. Fresh, juicy, mouthwatering, unsweetened orange - straight up just-squeezed orange juice. It is sweet but it is more of a 'fructose' sweet than 'sucrose' sweet. All natural orange, the kind of orange smell I like. The sweetness comes with bitterness, like the taste you get when you cut through the orange rind. There is a floral element that is strong initially but blends well into the orange. A definite presence of Osmanthus gives a nice green fresh floral smell. Osmanthus is supposed to smell like juicy apricots. I can't pin point the apricot smell but I can say that osmanthus is like a juicy flower and goes well with the juicy oranges. It is all light and easy, a happy smell. I did expect some depth given the mention of labdanum which happens to be one of my favourite notes in perfumes. There is a warmth but not depth. It is not a bad thing if you like light perfumes. I love the smell of fresh oranges but I do want something more in a perfume than just the smell of spilling orange juice on myself. The good news is that I can wear it and like it too, something I rarely say about Lush.

PS: It dawned on me late (after a full day of wearing 1000 Kisses) but it finally did that 1000 Kisses smells exactly like orange essential oil. With added floral notes, of course. It is really a tie among the three scenarios: spilling orange juice on my shirt before I go to work versus wearing orange EO in some sweet almond oil versus buying a full bottle of 1000 Kisses.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

S-A-D #5: BPAL 'Miskatonic University'

Sample A Day Review: Day #5
Miskatonic University
General Catalogue
"A venerable New England university, whose vast library holds many rare, diabolical and obscure arcane works, including one of the few surviving legitimate copies of the Necronomicon. Home to innumerable scholars of the esoteric and the occult, and the notorious Dr. Herbert West. 
The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls."

This is the smell of coffee and dust! Really interesting combination, unlike anything I have smelt before. It begins with a very nice coffee note. It is freshly brewed coffee. There is no milk or cream in the coffee, not even sugar. Very realistic, like an eye opening drink in the morning. There is a hint of booze (not a good idea for an eye opening drink). Booze is mild but it is there. This coffee is accompanied by something dust-like from the very beginning. It smells old. It is a bit mouldy but not really wet. It smells like dry, dusty, unventilated/uninhabited room. But how did fresh Irish coffee get there? Spooky! This is on my full bottle list.

Friday, January 4, 2013

S-A-D #4: BPAL 'Al Azif'

Sample A Day Review: Day #4
General Catalogue
"An Arabic term that refers to both the chirping of nocturnal insects and the ambient sound made by the chattering of demons. This is the original title of the feared Necronomicon, the Book of Dead Names, penned by the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.
A sinister, sinuous incense of summoning, a herald and paean to the Primordial Gods of Darkness, Chaos, Madness and Decay."

 Cthulhu mythos, how creepy! I have watched a couple of silent Cthulhu movies, really creepy! And Arkham, I never cease to be intrigued by Arkham, its darkness and the evil. H P Lovecraft collection from BPAL is so imaginative. I want to smell them all.

Al-Azif smells like glue from the imp. Yes, the kind of glue that gets glue-sniffers addicted! I think my nose is just so weird. I have smelt it ten different times and every first sniff, it smells like glue: a chemical, solvent-like smell but aromatic! It is a nice smell and pleasant, actually. Then comes the incense, which is still laced with the glue. It is still a nice smell. Waiting for the rot/decay to emerge........ 5 minutes later, it develops into something sweet. No rot still. There is sugar/syrup which makes the incense sweet. The incense is blending into some deep resins. In the dry down, I can't smell glue anymore. It is a sweet, dark incense. No rot or decay, just a strange syrup. But the sweetness is dark, which may just be the decay. It is very wearable though. What I smell as glue, some people say is maple syrup. It may very well be that. 

I would love to get a full bottle of it but not right away as there are some others which top the priority list. Al-Azif is something to keep in mind for future orders.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

S-A-D #3: BPAL "White Rabbit"

Sample A Day Review: Day #3
White Rabbit
General Catalogue
"Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen."

Jumping from White Rabbit of Poison Apple Apothecary to White Rabbit of BPAL, both based on the theme of Alice In Wonderland!

White Rabbit makes me smile! It is a pretty scent with a nice twist. It is like a white rabbit: delicate, playful, sweet and all! Smelling from the imp, I get this freshly brewed black tea with minty/gingery/sweetness. Delightful! It is a little more peppery on the skin. It stays that way for quite about 15 minutes and then the linen starts coming through, a fresh sundried cotton sheet smell. So clean and crisp, amazing. I did not really expect a tea-linen combo to work so well! The dry down is sweet with milky honey while retaining the tea and the freshness. It lasts for a long time. I can see myself wearing this on any and every summer day! Perfectly fresh to beat the heat with a little wash of honeyed milk to make it yum! Full bottle worthy, oh yes!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

S-A-D #2: Poison Apple Apothecary 'White Rabbit'

Sample A Day Review: Day #2
Wonderland Collection
currently available on Etsy
"This perfume is sweet and creamy with notes of White Chocolate, Sassafras, Caramel, and Cognac." 
This vial is from 2010

Gosh, what a delicious white chocolate scent! It is sweet but has the delicate aroma of white chocolate than being very sweet like milk/dark chocolate. It is light on the caramel which gives it enough sweetness without any sticky gooeyness. Though I do like the sticky gooeyness of the chocolate in perfumes, white chocolate makes it more elegant and more wearable. Sassafras doesn't come out strongly but adds a subtle boost to the lightness. I don't get any booze.

White Rabbit is the perfect chocolate scent for chocolate perfume lovers and chocolate perfume haters alike. I like it for its delightful light spin on chocolate, just enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings and to pleasurably wear it as a perfume. It doesn't last too long, maybe just for a couple of hours. It stays close to the skin, which I do like about it. Adding it to full bottle list. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

S-A-D #1: BPAL 'Goona Goona'

Sample-A-Day Review: Day #1
Goona Goona
Voodoo Blends
General Catalogue
Discontinued since 2004
"A soft, sweet peace and harmony blend. Used to create an atmosphere of compassion, understanding, trust and love. This is particularly useful in mediation, calming tense or volatile situations, and in strengthening relationships."

This is the oldest perfume oil sample I have. It is well aged, well stored and dates from around 2002. Being so old, it really is like a time capsule. Whenever I smell this, I get this memory flash of what I was doing in 2002. Not that I had this perfume then or wore it, but just the 'oldness' of it amuses me. It is only ten years old but 2002 seems like a totally different era of my life. Perfect scent to start off S-A-D for 2013, reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future! Here is to a happy and hopeful 2013 for everyone!

This is a 'tarted imp' from back when BPAL focussed on Voodoo/magick stuff. The tarted style looks a bit 'Blair Witch Project'-y. I love the style and the handwritten labels. Goona Goona is a voodoo blend for peace and harmony. The jury is still out on all the effects of magick but if it needs you to believe for it to work, then go figure! Purely based on the smell:

First I get rose, it is very strong rose. Dry, old, red rose, very much like essential oil than a perfume. Underneath the rose, lurks what maybe called the remnants of what was once a strong spice. I call it remnants because the age of the perfume may have affected its sharpness of spice, making it mild and 'boiled down'. It is somewhat like the spices of mulled wine, not boozy but the in the way the spices are toned down. When I say spices I can't pick out a particular spice, but it leans towards nutmeg/cinnamon. It is very transient and disappears in a heartbeat. Again, it could be because of the age of the sample. Other than that, Goona Goona is a full of rose, strong at first and then dries down to something similar to Black Phoenix. It stays for just a couple of hours on my skin. I am not fond of rose in general, especially the kind in Goona Goona. Not the kind of scent I would go for, even if it wasn't discontinued.