Sunday, January 13, 2013

S-A-D #13: BPAL 'Djinn'

Sample A Day Review: Day #13
General Catalogue
"An ancient, free-willed race created from the essence of Fire, much as man was created from Earth. They prowled the land at night, vanishing with the first rays of dawn. Myths surrounding the Djinn paint them as many things: benevolent champions of mankind and slaves to mad sorcerers, malicious incubi / succubi and energy vampires, or malevolent harbingers of madness and disease. The Djinn are ruled by Iblis, the Prince of Darkness, who bears unspeakable contempt for man. The scent of black smoke, of crackling flames, and smoldering ashes."

Djinn #13 on 13/1/13 at 13:13! Evil, huh?!
Djinn is strange. You know how solid camphor when it catches fire becomes a vapour without actually melting into a liquid? Djinn to me is that exact smell of sublimation of camphor. In the imp all get is incense, laden with lots of camphor. The incense at this stage is actually very pleasant but the scent becomes sharper as it progresses. It has a lot of fir/evergreen/piney resins in it. I don't get any smoke. But the combination of camphor, incense and pine does smell like fire in my mind. It dries down to strange sweet incense with some vetiver. It is not as evil as it is described though. Djinn is not something I would wear. It is a bit too masculine for my taste. 


  1. What an intriguing scent! I´m not very fond of incense, and I have no experience with camphor... but still, interesting concept!

    1. Would have been more interesting if it smelt like real smoky ashy fire though. My sample is very old, maybe ageing has altered it a bit.