Sunday, January 6, 2013

S-A-D #6 :Lush Gorilla Perfume '1000 Kisses'

Sample A Day Review: Day #6
1000 Kisses
Gorilla Perfume
(Previously known as 1000 Kisses Deep
from Too Busy To Be Beautiful)
Inspired by the song of the same name by Leonard Cohen
"An exquisite and delicate apricot-note from osmanthus blossoms, combined with a touch of citrus and deep resins, expresses the complexities of true love. It encompasses the whole spectrum of feelings, the powerful rush of emotion, and conveys the abstract."
The smell of summer and freshly peeled mandarins from Sicily
Myrrh, Labdanum, Mandarin, Osmanthus

All my Lush reviews warrant a warning because I am Lush-o-phobic. My dislike for Lush nothing more than my personal preference and taste in perfumes. But I'll make my reviews as objective as possible. To open up my mind to Lush, I bought a sampler to play with and my opinion is changing. Some are still terrible on me but some, I am beginning to like. 1000 Kisses is one of the few Lush fragrances that I think is pleasant and is actually wearable. There is no harsh, headache/noseache inducing elements in this one.

1000 Kisses smells like orange and flowers. Fresh, juicy, mouthwatering, unsweetened orange - straight up just-squeezed orange juice. It is sweet but it is more of a 'fructose' sweet than 'sucrose' sweet. All natural orange, the kind of orange smell I like. The sweetness comes with bitterness, like the taste you get when you cut through the orange rind. There is a floral element that is strong initially but blends well into the orange. A definite presence of Osmanthus gives a nice green fresh floral smell. Osmanthus is supposed to smell like juicy apricots. I can't pin point the apricot smell but I can say that osmanthus is like a juicy flower and goes well with the juicy oranges. It is all light and easy, a happy smell. I did expect some depth given the mention of labdanum which happens to be one of my favourite notes in perfumes. There is a warmth but not depth. It is not a bad thing if you like light perfumes. I love the smell of fresh oranges but I do want something more in a perfume than just the smell of spilling orange juice on myself. The good news is that I can wear it and like it too, something I rarely say about Lush.

PS: It dawned on me late (after a full day of wearing 1000 Kisses) but it finally did that 1000 Kisses smells exactly like orange essential oil. With added floral notes, of course. It is really a tie among the three scenarios: spilling orange juice on my shirt before I go to work versus wearing orange EO in some sweet almond oil versus buying a full bottle of 1000 Kisses.


  1. Doesn´t sound like a scent I would like very much...
    I´m not familiar with Lush fragrances... We have a Lush shop in Sweden where I study, but they have only soap and bath products, no scents... Are they generally worth sampling?

    1. Many people love Lush. There is sure a cult following for it. If you can enter a Lush shop and enjoy the general smell floating around, you will most probably like Lush perfumes. Perfumes are a bit crude to my nose, but that is what people like about it. Lush has that 'natural' aura about its products, which can be too natural smelling sometimes and that attracts people :)

    2. I took a look at scent descriptions at their website and their scents seemed very simple and straight forward... I like Lush for bath and body products, but perfume is completely different for me nowadays... I enjoy simple bath/body but complex perfume... ;)

    3. Some are complex too, like 'The Smell Of The Weather Turning' and I am beginning to like 'B Scent' :)

  2. Hahahahaha. This is probably preferable to spilling orange juice on your shirt! Sounds really fresh and yummy!

    1. LOL It is a really fresh orange scent. I like it very much but slightly disappointed that it is just like the EO!