Sunday, February 3, 2013

BPAL Lupercalias Of The Past

Upon the release of BPAL's Lupercalia for 2013 (Limited Edition perfumes for Valentine's Day), I have been inspired to dig out all the past Lupercalia perfumes in my stash, reminiscing some old favourites and giving a second chance to one which I didn't like originally: Khajuraho (re released this year.)
Khajuraho 2011: This is a blissful, euphoric blend based on an ancient Indian love potion: honey, date palm, tuberose, davana blossom, amber, white sandalwood, vanilla bean, Damask rose, and champaca flower.

In one of my previous posts, I have told all about how Khajuraho didn't work for me. My main complaint was that the florals turned soapy on my skin. Today, the bottle is 2 years old. I have been testing if there is actually any change with ageing. I think this time I 'get' the perfume, if not love. It is indeed a nice floral. It smells sweet in the bottle and florals start coming out once it goes on my skin. There is a heady tuberose with some artemisia. What remains later is creamy with hints of date syrup/honey-like sweetness. The sweetness is tamed by the floral notes. As the perfume progresses, the dreaded soapiness come through loud and clear. Now I think that it is due to the rose and sandalwood. I have learnt to let this pass and wait for about 15 minutes when the soap is subdued. Once it passes the dry down is actually delightful green-floral-sweet with a pronounced artemesia note.
 It is much less soapy than before so I think ageing has done it some good. The dry down is much more wearable/bearable and something I can comfortably wear the whole day. In fact, I fell asleep on the couch yesterday (saturday afternoon nap!) with Khajoraho on my wrist and the wrist held pressed to the nose. I did sleep well! I have been wearing it all day today and I like what I smell. I will like it better when all the soapiness completely goes away for which I may have to wait for another 2 years.

Some decants sent to me by Dee. She gets me hooked on all those creamy chocolate scents!

Love's Philosophy
Vanilla, saffron, and cream.
Simple and delightful! From the decant it smells like cream. It is sweet, buttery and delicious! Initially when I apply it on my skin, I get a very strong note of sassafras, the root beer/muscle rub smell. I expected saffron but it turned out to be sassafras. It did take me by surprise, not that I don't like sassafras but I think the combination of that with cream is a bit weird. It takes sometime for the sassafras to disappear and when it does, the creamy vanilla is just awesome. It is sweet, beautiful and really really yummy! It stays on the skin like forever! I know it is not an easy perfume to find being limited edition. The closest thing I have to this is Boo. Boo has the same creaminess as Love's Philosophy. Whereas Boo is a bit heavier and foodier, Love's Philosophy is somewhat lighter and more feminine. Love both!

The Sugared She-Goat Chocolatier (2010)
Milk Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea Ganache Truffle
From the decant it smells like green lemon (like lime, perhaps) and somewhat like leaves of the gum tree (eucalyptus, but not as strong as the oil). It kind of reminds me of house cleaning products, so sorry to say this! The chocolate is very light and hardly smellable. Not feeling the love in this one.

White Chocolate, Strawberry and White Pepper Truffle
I like this a lot. It smells like white chocolate and white pepper from the decant. The strawberry comes out on the skin very nicely. It is not fruity but more like a confectionery kind of Strawberry. All the notes work really well. It smells like a light chocolate which is mildly spiced with pepper and candied strawberries. Very nice.

Full bottles from past Lupercalia I currently have
Khajuraho 2011
Red Lantern 2011: read review
Smut 2012: read review
Womb Furie 2010 and 2012: read review

I have also had some full bottles of Lupercalia scents in the past that I have given away/sold:
White Chocolate and Sugared Violets: read review
(NSFW images)
Harikata: read review
Man With Phallus Head: read review
A sample of Dark Chocolate Green Lime which I didn't particularly like. I couldn't decide if I liked the bottle of The Perfumed Garden or not, so I passed it on to Jade.

This time, I am not getting anything from BPAL's Lupercalia update as there is nothing in particular I want. If there was Womb Fury or Smut, I would have been keen to order back up bottles but they are not listed this year. 

Speaking of Womb Furie, the vintage ad on my 2012 bottle is quite funny and very appropriate for some self love this season full of couples and lovers! Here is the link to the vintage ad. Yes, yes, have to agree, that machine looks like it cures everything and more ;) 


  1. I´m usually not attracted to valentine scents... but Lupercalia seems to be much more... um... raw and passionate.! Not so dainty and sweet as most valentine themed scents. A couple of this years lupercalia scents interest me, but not enough to put up with those outrageous shipping fees... Antique sounded really nice though "Fossilized amber, juniper berry, wild musk, oudh, vetiver, white cedar, black currant, oakmoss, and leather"... YUM! And Unveil the Grace in Thine Eyes, "Orris, luminous ambergris, and golden amber illuminated by a sunlit golden musk"... So many intriguing resinous scents... *sigh*

    And I do want Womb Furie one day, I would buy it for the fantabulous name only, but the way you rave about it makes me think I´d love it!

    1. Yeah, BPAL does different scents, the usual chocolate-y scents (Box 'O Chocolates), some really sexy ones and deep dark ones. Something for everyone :) I also liked the sound of Unveil the Grace in Thine Eyes but I wouldn't order just for that.

      I have sent you a slice of Snake Oil soap just so that you can get an idea of the scent. The scent is smokier and spicier in the perfume oil form than the soap. If you like it, you may probably like Womb Furie. O is the closest scent to WF from general catalogue scents. I wish WF was released this year. But I am well covered with one and a half bottles to go :)

    2. Yeah, with the shipping costs as they are the threshold for ordering is very high, at least for me... With a $25 fee I would need to buy a few full sizes for it fo feel worth it... And I´d rather not go directly for full sizes. I´m sad to say that BPAL probably lost me as a customer when they raised the international shipping to that ridiculous level... at least until I have a job.

      Oh goodie!! I wouldn´t pay $25 in shipping for some imps, but maybe for full bottles so any kinds of BPAL samples are great! I do believe that I´ll love Snake Oil!

    3. I totally agree with you. The shipping has always been high and now I can't really justify paying so much. It will work out if you make a huge order. Free imps kind of compensate for it. Last year I placed a joint order with a friend and we shared the shipping. I have also placed a group order with live journal people. It really works out cheap shipping wise, even if you buy one or two bottles. There may be a group in your country. It is worth looking up, I guess.
      Oh, eBay is a great place to buy bottles and imps. It is a great place to find LEs too. The shipping is not ridiculous and they post it very fast. I have bought heaps from eBay. And I have heard about BPAL forums, though I don't know much about how it works.

  2. I really think I'd like Khajuraho. It's wonderful when you own a perfume you're not too keen on, and they grow better with age!

    White chocolate, strawberry, and white pepper truffle also sounds really nice!

    1. Khajuraho is surely getting better for me with age. You'll love it if sweet florals is your thing :)
      That white chocolate scent is really nice. BPAL comes up with some creative chocolate scents!

  3. Love's Philosophy sounds great except for the sassafraz bit. Love that sweet, creamy smell!

    1. Sassafras is only fleeting. The dry down is truly a pleasure, so creamy <3
      I thought I was weird to pick up Sassafras but a couple of reviewers get it too. So, I am not totally crazy :D

  4. I was curious about Khajurahon. I couldn't decide if I wanted it or not. Reading your reviews I think I am going to skip it.
    Love's philosophy on the other hand, sounds lovely! I wish they bring it back someday!

    1. You may like Khajuraho if you generally like BPAL's florals. Personally, not all those florals work on me!
      Love's Philosophy is so nice! I know you like Boo, so you will like this :) hope it comes back one day!

  5. Ha, I thought that looked like my writing! I was never overly jazzed with those BPAL Chocolate Lupercalias, or at least not the ones I've tried. Love's Philosophy though - oh my gosh. Roll me in a vat of that and I'll die happy!

    1. Agreed! There are so many chocolate perfume oils out there and better ones too. I absolutely loved Love's Philosophy. Wow, so creamy and delightful :D