Friday, March 22, 2013

Zara Chypre Floral

I have recently learnt that saving money is for contingencies and not future splurges on luxuries. When the proverbial rainy day comes, it pours! My plan of getting myself a bottle of Narciso Rodriguez For Her has been replaced by this humble looking 5 quid bottle of Zara Chypre Floral.

Zara perfumes have always fascinated me. I absolutely loved Guiac Wood and Ambar which were a steal for the money. Some perfumes targeted for women seem to have a sugary base underneath the synthetic florals. Some exceptions of course, like Zara White, Jasmine Musc are very pretty perfumes. The trouble though is that the perfumes keep coming and going and it is hard to track them down. Last week, I found myself at Zara trying some perfumes (without even looking at clothes) and spotted a gem. As soon as I tried Chypre Floral I was reminded of Narciso Rodriguez For Her.

The two Chypres in my collection that I love and adore are the fruity Badgley Mischka and the stunning Veneta Bottega. I feel all fancy that I know what a Chypre is but just because I know what it means doesn't imply I like it. The traditional Chypres don't really move me. They somehow seem cold, which may very well be the reason why they are well liked. My Chypre preference lies with the genre of newer ones than the traditional ones. The jury might still be out on whether modern perfumes like NR For Her should be called a Chypre without having anything to do with structure involving Oakmoss and stuff but terminologies apart, I do love the floral musk part of it. 

Just like NR For Her, Zara's Chypre Floral has nothing to do with traditional Chypres or even traditional Chypre Florals. It resembles NR For Her very much and the common factor is the incandescent floral musk. It is more in the vein of the EDP. There is a prominent but very elegant rose (similar rose to MFK Lumiere Noir for men, same perfumer), soft white florals and abundance of musk with hints of patchouli. The musk is slightly animalic, but warm and pretty. It is a very sophisticated feeling wearing this fragrance, elegant and feminine. 

While Zara's Chypre Floral is similar to NR For Her, the quality for the price is reflected in the longevity. It stays for a few hours but somehow seems watered down in the wrist to wrist comparison with the NR. I am wearing this a lot since I bought it and drained about half the bottle on myself already. It is a great substitute without feeling the pinch of spending more than ₤50 on a bottle of perfume. I may soon have had enough of this and may cross NR off my wish list altogether. That is a saving of ₤50 there.

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