Friday, April 19, 2013

Lovely Smellies From Lovely People!

Thank you Amanda (Iris Handmade Soaps), for sending me your soaps. I feel so special to try them! And for Solstice Scents samples, they are all so good!

Thanks Dee (365 Dyas of Smells), for spoiling me some awesome perfumes! 
 These two packages totally made my day. I am so grateful for the friends I have on interwebs. Thanks again ladies ♥

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Perfume Oil Collection

So, here goes my indie perfume oil collection!
You can see my collection as it was last year here. Compare for yourself how much I have let go of and how much I have gained. The links under the picture take you to the review.
Haus Of Gloi: Honey Tree, Vice, Troika, Licorice Chew
Ava Luxe: Loukhoum, Love's True Bluish Light
The Morbid The Merrier:
Horman, Delina
BPAL: 13 August '08, Gaillo, German Expressionist Horror
BPAL: Absinthe, Black Phoenix, Bliss, Fae, Kali, Rose Red
BPAL: Snake Oil, Womb Furie (and back ups)
BPAL: Jerusalem Cherry Honey, Paduan Killer Swarm, Hemlock Honey, Oleander Honey
BPAL: Slaugh, Pomegranate IV, Pumpkin Latte, Boo!, Ghoulish
BPAL: Red Lantern. Khajuraho, Berry Moon, Gypsy, Enraged Orangutan Musk, Smut
The Garden Bath: Chocolate Passion
Nocturne Alchemy: Netherworld
Smell Bent: Gelty Pleasures
Darling Clandestine: Maudlin And Bedlam
Ajmal: Liquid Gold, Mukhallat Burj
Heaven and Earth Essentials: Pumpkin Honey
Violette Market: Watermelon Honey
Conjure Oils: Mara
Possets: Honey
Villainess: Jaimahal
Twyla Perfumes: Slammerkin, Milk Flower, Spirit Of Christmas Past
Firebird: Almond Milk, Woodsmoke Vanilla
Love Potion: Honey Ho, Hot Honeyed Fig
Hayward Enterprises dupe oil: L de Lolita Lempica
 Non Indie Oils:
Kiehl's Musk and Amber
Mor: Belladona
Natio: Champa Attar
The Body Shop: White Musk, Juba Juba
Finally, all my samples!

I found these boxes at the stationery shop (the pink and purple boxes). They are perfect for keeping sample vials. The two round boxes are empty body butter ones which I find very useful too.

ETA: This is where I store my perfume oils. All the bottles just fit in one plastic box and it doesn't even take much space to store. It is tucked away in a cupboard shelf, safe and snug!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Frederic Malle: L'Eau D'Hiver

Spring, the doomsday for snowmen
L'eau D'Hiver, 'the water of winter' is more of a 'waiting for daffodils' kind of scent than a cold winter one. It makes me think of the last few days of winter: the thawing snow, days getting longer, anticipation of spring flowers and warmth slowly creeping into chilly days. L'eau D'Hiver is so delicate and fragile like freshly melted snow.
"A fragrance entirely one's own –– clean, crisp, but  also warm, an endless source of reassurance. The transparence of water binds with the softness of white heliotrope, iris and honey for the gentlest composition imaginable." Frederic Malle

This is my first close encounter with Heliotrope, both as a note and otherwise, not having smelt the flowers in real life. I find Heliotrope in this to be quite powdery but with a 'bite' of something anisic/almond/cherry-like. Not that these are palpably present here but I get that sensation, perhaps due to the Heliotropin. It reminds me of the beginning of Lolita Lempica, only heliotrope takes a fresh powdery direction in this rather than a totally different sweet one that it takes in Lolita Lempica. The heliotrope blends with clean, cold Iris and fresh, green Angelica giving the illusion of a cool water. It is transparent indeed. It is powdery but the powder is so gentle, more like pollen covering the dew laden fresh flowers. In the dry down the heliotrope diffuses and remains as a soft powder, blended with cold, dry iris and even softer musk. This stage it reminds me of Infusion d'Iris of Prada which I love with all my heart but L'eau D'Hiver is crisper, more delicate and more watery.

L'Eau D'Hiver is a real pleasure to wear. It is light, sheer and gracefully feminine. It stays for a long time on me but stays close to the skin making it even more delicate and enjoyable. It is a perfect springtime perfume. I can see myself wearing this a lot in this transition month from cold to warm weather and also for much needed freshness in the heat. I am loving every drop of my 5ml miniature that came in a coffret. If I could afford, I would buy a full bottle right away.