Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Perfume Oil Collection

So, here goes my indie perfume oil collection!
You can see my collection as it was last year here. Compare for yourself how much I have let go of and how much I have gained. The links under the picture take you to the review.
Haus Of Gloi: Honey Tree, Vice, Troika, Licorice Chew
Ava Luxe: Loukhoum, Love's True Bluish Light
The Morbid The Merrier:
Horman, Delina
BPAL: 13 August '08, Gaillo, German Expressionist Horror
BPAL: Absinthe, Black Phoenix, Bliss, Fae, Kali, Rose Red
BPAL: Snake Oil, Womb Furie (and back ups)
BPAL: Jerusalem Cherry Honey, Paduan Killer Swarm, Hemlock Honey, Oleander Honey
BPAL: Slaugh, Pomegranate IV, Pumpkin Latte, Boo!, Ghoulish
BPAL: Red Lantern. Khajuraho, Berry Moon, Gypsy, Enraged Orangutan Musk, Smut
The Garden Bath: Chocolate Passion
Nocturne Alchemy: Netherworld
Smell Bent: Gelty Pleasures
Darling Clandestine: Maudlin And Bedlam
Ajmal: Liquid Gold, Mukhallat Burj
Heaven and Earth Essentials: Pumpkin Honey
Violette Market: Watermelon Honey
Conjure Oils: Mara
Possets: Honey
Villainess: Jaimahal
Twyla Perfumes: Slammerkin, Milk Flower, Spirit Of Christmas Past
Firebird: Almond Milk, Woodsmoke Vanilla
Love Potion: Honey Ho, Hot Honeyed Fig
Hayward Enterprises dupe oil: L de Lolita Lempica
 Non Indie Oils:
Kiehl's Musk and Amber
Mor: Belladona
Natio: Champa Attar
The Body Shop: White Musk, Juba Juba
Finally, all my samples!

I found these boxes at the stationery shop (the pink and purple boxes). They are perfect for keeping sample vials. The two round boxes are empty body butter ones which I find very useful too.

ETA: This is where I store my perfume oils. All the bottles just fit in one plastic box and it doesn't even take much space to store. It is tucked away in a cupboard shelf, safe and snug!


  1. That's quite a collection Su! I'm green with envy! And those samples!! O_o Also: those Villainess bottles really are outrageous! VERY pretty, but I doubt that they're praktical...

    1. Lol thanks Nadja! At least I like most of what I have after giving away/selling some unloved ones last year :)
      I love the Villainess bottle too. It is quite practical but I am not too crazy about the scent. I just have it because of the bottle!

  2. I was going to ask how you store the oils, so it was great to see the last pic! Thanks for including that. I am now in love with the idea of Honey Tree and True Love`s Bluish Light - what delightful names! I dislike straight up honey scents because they tend to be too sweet and cloying, so the woodsy mixture sounds amazing. Loved taking a peek into your perfume closet. :)

    1. I just added another picture to show where I keep them all :) It doesn't take much space at all!
      Love's True Bluish Light is just so good, simple and so soothing! You'll love it Liz! Honey Tree is quite woody. You may like it. It is an easy one to get a sample of too :)

  3. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin ;) lol....awesome collection!

    1. LOL thank you! Yeah well, most of them are foodie ones ;)

  4. Ooooh, what fun! I loved that, Su!

  5. Su, what a wonderful collection you have! And it was so awesome to see your storage techniques! I'm a sucker for storage and organization techniques for makeup and perfume. Do the pink and purple boxes close, or do you have to leave them open? :) Just wondering! Great post, my dear! ❤

    1. Thanks Rachel :) The boxes do close but I need to put the shorter vials at the back (near the hinge) for it to shut tight. I wish the boxes were like 1 centimeter taller!

  6. What a Beautiful collection Su! I love that you have so many honey,musky and vanilla scents. These are my favorite too!

    1. Thanks! Oh yes, those are the ones I love to wear too :)

  7. Great collection! What's Villainess like? I've looked at the site a few times but there was something that put me off - I think maybe the shipping was really high or something.

    Do you remember a Body Shop perfume oil called Japanese Musk or something like that (not the cherry blossom one). Man, I loved that stuff!

    1. Villainess is okay. I loved their soaps but the perfume I got is kind of weak. The shipping was too high to Aus. I got Larie of Eye Heart It to get them shipped for me from US.

      That perfume sounds awesome. I don't remember that at all though. Will try to find it!

  8. You really have a great collection here, Su! Like you I too love to collect peculiar shaped bottles and would not mind the scent too. Though I never had thought of keeping my collections like you did, awesome!


  9. Oh my you have quite the collection! You are a very tidy person, I like how genius you were with the stationery boxes. Where did you get from, Walmart or a specialty crafts store like Micheals?

    1. Thank you! I got the stationery boxes from 'Staples' in UK which is an office supply store chain. The boxes are called 'Really Useful Boxes' and I saw them many sizes in the shop. You may find something like this in your neck of woods.

  10. You are very much organized I must say. And I love ur huge collection.. m new follower I would love if u can follow back.

  11. Very impressed with your Body Shop scents. I bought those for my girlfriend in the early 90s (Yes, many of us guys know what's up w/ the scents) and she smelled divine! Curses on the Body Shop for getting rid of these classics!