Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Few Kilians

I may sound like I am a shill for Kilian perfumes but believe me, I am not. I like the brand, enjoy the perfumes, the counter at Harvey Nichols has very friendly SAs who know their stuff and I like being sent samples of new releases directly to my home. But I don't think the price of £150 for 50 mls is justifiable at all. Fortunately for my wallet, I am not compelled to buy all the perfumes. There are perfumes that leave me unthrilled but those which do thrill me, I am compelled to buy. I am living through refills, decants and samples which doesn't sound too luxe but it is a great way to experience these perfumes and the fact that the brand actually offers to buy these at a lesser price is plus. 

My Kilian wish list: refills of Love, Straight To Heaven, Good Girl Gone Bad and a big bottle of Back to Black (running out of my refills). I have been holding out on reviewing Straight to Heaven and Love for a long time in the hope that I may end up buying a refill set but it doesn't look like it is going to happen in near future considering my finances. Some concise reviews, just to whet my appetite for these!
By Kilian: Flower Of Immortality
This newest of the Kilian perfumes is very young and fresh. It begins with an effervescent peach note, very crisp and very succulent. I get some sweetness from black currant along with peach making it fruitier and juicier. There is some powderyness from iris giving it a cold, clean vibe. It is clean, peachy and powdery. Somewhere down the line, it turns into a shampoo smell (fresh-out-of-the-salon hair smell). The dry down is all shampoo and it lasts for a long time (10+ hours). If you like fruity perfumes, you'll love it. If you like peachy perfumes, you'll adore it. It is so not for me. I am underwhelmed that it turned out to smell like shampoo.

Don't Be Shy
"A Marshmallow inspiration, sweetened with orange blossom from Morocco. At first soft and tender, it unfolds into the intensity that graces truly great seductresses. Top notes of glorious Neroli from Tunisia are like a shy, tentative kiss given by fresh lips. At the heart of the fragrance, Sambac Jasmine caresses skin warm with Turkish Rose and Iris of Florence, reaching ecstasy in the embrace of vanilla and musk."

This is Kilian's take on the good old marshmallow. I can say that this isn't a regular marshmallow. It is probably the most upscale and exquisite marshmallow that I wish I could put in my hot chocolate. Love is actually a love affair of big white florals with a generous sweet side, sweet in a luscious, creamy way.  The flowers are pretty, velvety jasmine, powdery iris and a prominent orange blossom that shines through the whole concoction. But the heart of this fragrance is its sweetness. The burnt sugar, the candy floss, the bubble gum. Oh yes, there is all that. But well tamed and well rounded by the florals. The musky vanilla also makes me think of turkish delight/musk lollies. It dries down into a pleasantly sweet floral, more floral than sweet which I love. When I first wore it, I could have sworn it had incense because of a kind of intensity I got from it, reminiscent of Montale's Mukhallat (but much more likeable and wearable). May be the incense feel I get is from musk or it may be the civet. 

Overall, Love is an upscale sweet perfume that is ultra feminine and very sophisticated. It is very long lasting and has a huge projection. It is well worth the refill price.

Straight To Heaven
White Cristal
"The alliance with the Patchouli of Indonesia, warm and deep, hides a mystery deepened by Nutmeg from Java, Cedar from Atlas and Brazilian Rosewood. This sensual scent leads us into an artificial paradise of pleasure."

While Love is an upscale marshmallow, StH is an upscale bay rum scent, just so delightful and refreshing. Bay rum perfumes usually make me think of grogg swilling, unclean sea men smelling of fish. But StH makes me think of a wet, hot guy, just off his yacht, with his white shirt unbuttoned to show off his muscles, walking barefooted on the white Caribbean sands! Sexy! StH opens with the bay rum accord, dry and aromatic, slightly smoky also. The nutmeg is prominent and perks up the rum to make it lighter, fresher. The woodiness, mostly from cedar, anchors the scent down while keeping with its refreshing side. On my skin, patchouli is barely there, if present at all. The dry down is really swoon worthy, a nutmeg spiced bay rum and smells very sexy on my skin. This is one masculine fragrance I would love to wear, which is such a rarity for me. Perfect for sultry beach days!


  1. I'm in love with your description of Straight to Heaven! lol

    I have to review the BK perfume samples in my possession as well. Of all the things, I fell for that insipid Water Calligraphy that everyone hated, so I went to a counter to inquire about the pricing of the purse spray/refills. I can't justify that pricing even on a good day, but maybe we can both have some very extravagant shopapalooza days in the future!

    1. Water Calligraphy is not that insipid and I can totally see the appeal! But I do agree, the price is too much. Haha, here's to hopeful extravagance in the future!

  2. The pricing is extreme. I have some BK samples too and I haven't even tried them yet! I think they are the ones that everyone is hating on, so I'm a little afraid.

    1. Oh, you should review them all! Who cares if everyone hates what you like! I trust your taste for feminine/fresh scents :)

  3. I love your blog so much.
    A girl after my own heart!!have you ever tried Tova signature..would love to read what you would think, having just discovered this perfume (I though I would never buy as seen on Qvc)im addicted after smelling on a woman I had to be cheeky and asked what she was wearing .
    I picked one up from e bay very reasonable.x

    1. Oh Annie, just checked out Tova and it sounds awesome! I love classics like that! We don't have QVC in UK, I think but will surely be checking out eBay.
      Thanks for the lovely comment! x

  4. Replies
    1. It so fresh and wonderful! You will surely like it, Jade :)