Sunday, May 12, 2013

Conjure Oils 'El Sol'

Sample A Day Review: Day#21
El Sol (The Sun)  
Collection: Loteria
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"bright citrus notes and hot clove melt together with a iridescent splash of golden amber. Surround yourself with an irresistible glow" 

El Sol smells like lemon when wet. Then it turns creamy and becomes a sweet lemon candy. It is still a nice lemon at this point but that changes when amber emerges. Amber is too perfume-y for my liking and makes the lemon a bit bitter. Dry down is a lemony amber, nice-ish but I am not feeling the love. 
If you like lemony perfumes with depth you may like El Sol. Conjure Oils has some other awesome perfumes. 'Mara' is up there in top 5 of honey scents for me.


  1. A lot of citrus end up bitter on me, so while this sounded appealing at first but doesn't sound promising. :(

  2. This one doesn't sound like my kind of thing :*( I like fresher citrus!