Saturday, May 11, 2013

Poison Apple Apothecary 'White Queen's Bouquet'

Sample A Day Review: Day #20
White Queen's Bouquet
Alice In Wonderland Collection
Limited Edition
This vial is from 2010
"A gentle facade of good. What lies under the perfect veneer of the White Queen? Is it too good to be true? Her blend is a lush powdery floral, feminine in every way with notes of Jasmine, Rosehips, Vanilla, and whispery white powder"

This is a lush floral bouquet, very creamy and very soft. Smelt wet, it is a sweet floral. On my skin, it is still sweet but the pretty flowers start to emerge. I pick up some jasmine, but it is mostly a combination of indistinct but nicely blended white florals to my nose. It is not one of those in-your-face, screechy florals. I am amazed by how smooth and velvety it is. I don't get any powder, even if there is any, it is gently mingled with the sweet florals. Vanilla is the reason for how soft the perfume smells. The dry down is of beautiful creamy flowers, very soothing and very feminine. It wears beautifully on me but stays close to the skin. Lasts a few hours too. This one needs watching out for in case it is re-released. If so, grabbing a full bottle for sure.


  1. I like this one a lot and have a full size, but I find it's similar to a lot of other perfumes I've tried so I'm sure you could pick up a dupe out there somewhere.

    1. I should seriously look for dupes then!

  2. Wow, sounds amazing! I need to try it. Not a huge white floral fan but the vanilla rounding it out sounds good.

  3. That sounds really lovely! I'm always wary of powders, but some are okay.