Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spiritual Sky Musk & African Violet

Musk by Spiritual Sky
This musk perfume oil is an embodiment of hippie culture, like 'head shop' in a bottle! Nevertheless, it is well bended and balanced enough to pass off as an expensive perfume. It starts with a sweet amber note, warm and sensuous. Spices follow. Spices smell indistinct, somewhat like the spice remnants of an old wooden spice box. It is old, dusty, dry and nothing sharp. The Musk in it is a warm one, that gels well with the soft ambery spices. The musk is not animalic, not clean, not skin-like, just warm musk. The whole thing smells like incense sticks. Not pure frankincense but those incense sticks they burn in hippie shops. I like this as a smell but don't prefer to wear it as a perfume. Staying power is awesome. I think it could be a cozy autumn/winter perfume, if amber/musk is your thing.

African Violet by Spirtual Sky
This is beautiful. It smells like Parma Violets, sweet and powdery. Powdery, as in floral, young, bright powdery, not as in heavy, artificial powder. I don't think it is a true violet perfume because I can't smell the green/dewy fresh violet leaf aspect or the delicate smell of the flower (to experience which I just take a sniff of my Guerlain Meteorites powder!). It is that smell of edible violet candy and it is a beautiful smell. Easy to wear, makes me feel pretty and girly. It is a comforting smell. The staying power is not as great as the musk but lasts a good few hours.
I love the colour of the perfume oil. It is so... violet! It reminds me of Gentian Violet and Haematoxylin pencils. Not to wear with white clothes.

Bought both at local bath and body shop at $10.95 each

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