Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dries Van Noten Par Frederic Malle

I tried this for the first time in Liberty London, knowing nothing about the notes which in my opinion is the best way to test a perfume. All I remember is the initial saffron hit and a really lovely sandalwood trail. The very first whiff calmed me down and made me happy. Thanks to Liz for this generous sample, now I can experience the same bliss at home! Read Liz's review Here

Dries Van Noten is a deep and introspective perfume, both qualities I attribute to sandalwood. I think the perfume is all about sandalwood, the kind of sandalwood I know and love. I am from around the city of Mysore, so believe me when I say this sandalwood is good! I associate this kind of sandalwood with everything pure and sacred, hence the calming effect of the perfume.

The perfume begins with Saffron diffused in cream. Delightful! It is dense, rich and very comforting. The cream is unsweetened and light but delicious. Saffron really stands out and it is very realistic and delicate. At this point, due to saffron and cream, I feel a 'Kulfi' coming along but it goes nowhere near the edible smell territory due to the progression of the perfume into sandalwood: beautiful, simple and elegant. It comes with a smooth, creamy, balsamic, powdery element that compliments the sandalwood well. There is a flash of nutmeg in there somewhere. The woodyness is enhanced by a stark cedar/guaiac wood, feels a bit synthetic but its lightness makes me think of vetiver. The dry down is all sandalwood, a little earthy, really warm and hearty.

This perfume is enjoyable to wear. In spite of its gourmandish beginning, it stays true to sandalwood throughout but carries the velvety smoothness of cream throughout. It has moderate sillage and 2 sprays will last for hours on my skin and even days on clothes. You can get 3 x10 ml refills for $130, the cheapest option but that should last you quite a while given its tremendous staying power.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Body Shop Honeymania Soap

Some can't wait to try it. Some are already loving it. As The Body Shop slowly rolls out the Honeymania range, it has got everyone talking about it. I finally got to try it and I am one delighted Pooh Bear! I am a bit of a Pooh Bear when it comes to honey scents. I have tried honey in so many forms (as evidenced by Honey in the tag cloud) and can't get enough, my top 3 honey scents being BPAL's Womb Furie, Possets Honey and By Kilian Back To Black. Honeymania is closest to Possets Honey.

Honeymania is a delightful take on honey. It is sweet but mostly floral. It smells more like nectar than honey. It kind of smells like linden blossoms drenched in honey. It reminds me of pollen, nectar, spring, flowers, happiness, sunshine and all things fresh, girly and lovely! It is very satisfying for a honey lover and very much wearable because it is lighter than it is sweet. If you have smelt TBS's products with honey in them, you'll instantly recognise the honey note. I absolutely adore "Lotus & Frangipani Body Puree" from Polynesian Spa Wisdom range and this is the same familiar honey note, only the honey in Honeymania is purer.

I picked up only the soap because I was told by the shop assistant that Honeymania (like Chocomania) is not a limited edition and will be around for a long time. That gives me enough time to get the body butter when I finish my current pot and wait for the Eau de Toilette to be released in Australia.