Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Tom Ford Private Blend: Neroli Portofino

I recently came across the beautiful turquoise coloured bottles of Neroli Portofino at Tom Ford counter and wondered if it was a new fragrance. Neroli Portofino has been around since 2007 as a part of Private Blend Collection. A new body and bath line has been launched in the same scent in 2011. The ad campaign with a naked young man and woman bathing each other in the juice is enough of a clue to the new range of bath and body products in the unisex fragrance. As risque as the ad seems, the naked people look like they are having fun pouring perfume from huge bottles on each other!

The beautifully constructed glass bottle of the EDP is now in a stunning turquoise colour, which really stands out. There are many other bath and body accessories with the same elegant theme of turquoise and gold colours, they all look very beautiful! I came home to dig out my 4ml manufacturer's bottle that I had got from TPC to sniff and review.
Bath and Body Products
in Neroli Portofino
image from Nordstrom
New bottle in a stunning turquoise colour
image from Nordstrom
4ml manufacturer's bottle from TPC $12.99
Notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, lavender, myrtle, rosemary, orange bitter, Egyptian jasmine, neroli, orange blossom water, pittosporum, woody amber accord, ambrette seeds, angelica root.

Neroli Portofino is a very crisp and uplifting fragrance. It is inspired by Portofino, a beautiful village Liguria's Italian Riviera. Imagine sun drenched marinas, blue seascapes, lush Mediterranean greenery and fresh spring air, "Fine Gateway" indeed! 

Neroli Portofino begins with an animated citrus, which is bitter, zesty and energetic. Soon after, the beautiful Neroli, the orange blossom, comes through. The orange blossom is soft and bright, very natural smelling, kind of like the essential oil. At this stage, the fragrance is a little herbal-green, but mellow. The freshness is present throughout. The dry down is soapy and clean (ambrrete?). By soapy I don't mean laundry detergent soapy but the kind of expensive hand soap that goes well only with hand woven silky, egyptian cotton towels with fancy, lace-rimmed hems. 

The fragrance has a soothing, relaxing Neroli at the centre stage. The whole fragrance is light and cheerful, to aptly give a holiday vibe with clean spring air and the sea breeze of the Mediterranean. It is a perfect holiday perfume.

The prices are same as for Private Blend perfumes (in AUD) 50ml - $290.00; 100ml - $395.00; 250ml - $750.00
Or head to The Perfumed Court for some decants at great prices, like I got my 4ml manufacturer's bottle at a price of $12.99
The other products in the range come at quite a heavy price tag. Body Moisturiser 150ml - $100.00; Shower Gel 150ml - $100.00; Body Oil 100ml - $100.00; Bath Soap - $50.00 (AUD)


  1. Oh now that sounds interesting. Like you and Vintage - I am loving that packaging.

  2. i love the scent - could wrap myself in the earthy neroli blend all day long :)

  3. Vintange and Jac, I adore that colour too! Imagine this bottle sitting on your dresser!
    Lilpil, isn't it amazing?! Neroli is so beautiful in it :)

  4. Sounds great! I like neroli perfumes very much. I am getting the hang of Tom Ford perfumes of late, not a good thing for my wallet :D

  5. Angie, tell me about it! Thank God for decants :)

  6. I smelled this scent this morning. Someone passed me in the hallway at work and I stopped in my tracks and asked "What are you wearing? I could eat smells so good"...Thanks for for the info.

  7. Hi Lenzartis! This scent definitely gets attention, without even trying. Very easy and effortlessly beautiful :)